Michigan Turns Up the Heat on Frost (Part 1)

Mathews (NC) Butler high is once again loaded with talented prospects in the class of 2011, and the Michigan Wolverines have set their sights on a number of them. LB/WR Kris Frost has seen his stock soar in recent weeks and the Maize & Blue are among those that have intensified their pursuit. He is now one of the top juniors on UM's early hit list.

Sam Webb:  Have you been hearing very much from Michigan this winter?

Kris Frost:  "Yeah, as a matter of fact I have.  Coach Rodriguez came to my school about a week ago and soon after they actually offered me."

Sam Webb:  Do you know Jamar Adams, the guy from your high school that used to play at Michigan?

Kris Frost:  "Yes I do. I've met him once or twice."

Sam Webb:  Has he ever talked to you about Michigan?

Kris Frost:  "The time that I met him I was a freshman so we did not really talk about Michigan a whole lot.  The little bit that he did, he said that he loved the school because he knew that I loved the school.  Also one of my teachers that had a son that played football for Michigan.  I talked to him in the fall, I forgot his name.  But he said he loved Michigan a whole lot.  He said it would be one of the best decisions that I would make.  They just took him in and made him feel like he was part of the Wolverine family."

Sam Webb:  What other schools that have offered you?

Kris Frost:  "I actually have offer letters from Virginia Tech and North Carolina.  Schools that said offers are on the way are South Carolina, Maryland, Clemson and Illinois."

Sam Webb:  Was the Michigan offer something that you were expecting or did it come out of the blue?

Kris Frost:  "I really did not expect it until my coach said that there was a possibility that it could happen.  At first I was originally wanting to play receiver, but this season, we had a whole lot of offensive weapons, so I basically only played linebacker.  So after the switch I did not think I would hear much from them, but they actually offered me for linebacker now."

Sam Webb:  So it sounds like you really did your thing at linebacker last year?

Kris Frost:  "Yes sir.  Even though I wish I was still at receiver. I'll get to (play receiver) next year."

Sam Webb:  It's real clear that receiver is something close to your heart, but it sounds like on the football field last year that you really caused some havoc at linebacker. Describe your game at linebacker?  Is there a player that makes people say, ‘hey you remind me of this guy or remind me of that guy?'

Kris Frost:  "A lot of my coaches tell me that they like me at linebacker a whole because of my intensity and they said it brings on a Ray Lewis type intensity.  When I see the ball I like to go get it.  I had just about more picks that anyone on the team… more than the DBs even.  So they try to push towards that side of the ball because I make a lot of plays there.  Just catching the ball comes natural so that I put into their mind like a Ray Lewis type with a whole lot of intensity."

Sam Webb:  You said that you had more interceptions than DBs; what were your season stats last year?  Did you play anything offense at all?

Kris Frost: "Yes I did.  I had two catches on offense.  On defense I had five interceptions and that was the most out of anyone on the team and that's a lot of the reason they chose to really put me on defense. Wherever the ball is I kind of know where to go get it. I'm not sure how many tackles I had this season.  I would have to look that up, but I know I also had the most forced fumbles.  I had four forced fumbles, five interceptions.  I had quite a few tackles for loss.  I'm not sure (how many).  That is something that I'm going to have to look up with my coaches."

Stay tuned for part two of the interview for word on where Michigan currently stands on Frost's list

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