Michigan Turns Up the Heat on Frost (Part 2)

In part 2 of our interview Matthews (NC) Butler high LB/WR Kris Frost, the talented youngster discusses his Michigan camp experience, his decision timetable, the factors in his choice, and more. Is Michigan the team to beat for this Tar Heel State Star.

Sam Webb:  Let's back up a little bit.  You camped at Michigan two years in a row.  Take me through that experience.  What was it like?

Kris Frost:  "Well I've always wanted to go to Michigan.  I've always wanted to attend that school. So when I went up to Michigan I was really excited and it was everything that I really thought it would be.  It was a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of people were getting me better.  They all watched all of us really closely and after a few practices, they actually took me in and showed me around.  That was my sophomore year… after my freshman year, going into my sophomore year.  That's when they took me around and showed me everything, the facility and everything.  It was real nice and they did the same (the next year)…they actually took it a step further showing me where they go over plays inside the (meeting) room.  That was before the start of my junior year.  They've been incorporating me and trying to work me in and let me see everything.  This is what they do with all the other high recruits, so I was pretty happy about that."

Sam Webb:  Your teammate Christian LeMay received a Michigan offer last year and Mark Bridges was a camp standout at safety.  Are you guys going to camp at Michigan again this summer?

Kris Frost:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  I know coming out your last camp experience in Ann Arbor, you were pretty adamant that Michigan was your top school.  Where do they stand now that they've offered you?

Kris Frost:  "They still are (the top school) and will be That's my third offer, so it makes a big impact for me personally.  Speaking for myself, when a school offers me early it really makes a big impact and them probably being my prized possession school, it really tells me a whole lot.  I'm still trying to keep my options open because just like everyone says, you do not want to get hooked on to one, but I pretty much know where I want to go."

Sam Webb:  You said that you know where you want to go but you want to keep your options open; what's going to be the deciding factor that sort of pushes it over the edge and say alright, I'm ready to say what I want to do?

Kris Frost:  "Of course playing time; how much playing time I can get going into the school and how open they are, seeing their roster, how many freshman they have.  I'm always welcome to working as hard as I can to get to that starting spot but seeing how much time it will take and how many seniors are on the team that's real important.  Also this next year, seeing how well I do as a receiver maybe I'll have the chance that to see which school will give me a chance to play receiver there also."

Sam Webb:  So you think that your recruiting process is something that will go into the fall after you take some official visits?

Kris Frost:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  Is there anything at all that would make you make a decision earlier; like say, before your senior season?

Kris Frost:  "The receiver part is a big factor, but out of all the things that would make me want to go to a school (it'll come down to) how much playing time I can get on the field andhow they treat you.  Because every college pretty much treats you well if you're a prospect.  But I think I'm really going to make my decision at signing day at the end of my senior year.  So I can just have the fun of going to difference colleges, seeing different places and traveling."

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?  A lot of mommas don't like their babies to go far away from home.  What are your parents saying about the idea of you maybe going away to play college football?  

Kris Frost:  "My mom knows that I'm pretty adventurous.  It does not really matter to me how far away from home I go and I'm pretty sure that it does not matter to my mom either, as long as she knows that I'm safe and I'm at a place that I could really like and a place that could treat me pretty good.  I'm pretty sure she is not really worried about it that much.  I'm not worried really about getting homesick or anything.  I'm just trying to go to the visits and look at the colleges I like and I want to look at so that is not really a factor."

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