Amaker and Horton Discuss Victory Over Purdue

Following the game against Purdue, Head Coach Tommy Amaker and freshman Daniel Horton met with the media to discuss the big road victory.

Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the win:

"We worked hard throughout the game and we played with enthusiasm. We talked about how we've been on the road and been up like we were against Illinois but we didn't have passion then. Tonight we got off to a good start and that really got us going. Daniel Horton was phenomenal. He carried us on his back all night long. Lavell Blanchard gave us great effort by playing while he was hurt with a turned ankle. This team played with guts and determination tonight and that's why we won."

On the defense:

"We mixed our defensive strategy up. What makes the defense work, though, is the players. We never wilted and we dug in. Purdue had us on our heels a couple different times but LaVell hit some big shots to bring us back. Our defense was what kept us in it."

On LaVell Blanchard hitting big shots:

"They were in the zone and we got passive in the offensive end. LaVell really stepped up and he got hungry and determined out there. When he can get his feet set he's as good as anyone at shooting the jump shot."

On the big win on the road:

"It is significant. This team has really done something in beating a ranked opponent on the road. This will send a statement. It is a long race and we've given ourselves a leg up in the running. I hope we can be as happy along the way as we are now."

Daniel Horton

On the victory:

"This is a big win. We were both tied for the Big Ten lead coming in. We knew we needed to be aggressive and confident and we did that tonight."

On if he is surprised with the team's success:

"I'm not surprised because we have great players and a great team. We've put ourselves in a position to win the Big Ten."

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