Q & A with early-enrollee Christian Pace

GBW talks with early-enrollee offensive lineman Christian Pace – what are things like with classes and Mr. Barwis sooooo far?

Question: Start with the whole experience, is what you expected so far?

Christian Pace: "Oh yeah. A lot of work. Coach Barwis gets after it in the weight room so it is pretty exciting in there. College life is pretty much what everybody has told me it was going to be."

Question: Did you have your high school moment yet?

Christian Pace: "Yeah. I got David Molk talking to me one day and it was something about class. He goes, ‘people do not really care about that here.' It's not high school. So I was like okay."

Question: How have your classes been so far?

Christian Pace: "They are more challenging than in high school but right now it is not like wow this is impossible. All of us are handling our classes pretty well."

Question: How about is different on the football field? I guess you haven't been on the field yet, but the strength and conditioning and the workouts.

Christian Pace: "The intensity is off the charts compared to high schools. Everybody knows how to life. Everyone was the top athlete at their high school. So it is just a lot of competition in there."

Question: Have you had a chance to work a lot with Mike Barwis yet?

Christian Pace: "Coach Barwis not so much just because he's with the older guy. The strength coach we're working with, he gets it after it, he gets us going."

Question: What kind of stuff does he have you do?

Christian Pace: "They just brought us in and taught us some stuff like running stuff, a lot of explosive lift just basically everything that you can think of."

Question: Coach said that he thinks you will start out at center and then work on some guard. Can you talk a little bit about what your expectations are going into the year?

Christian Pace: "I'm just trying to learn as much as I can. I was a tackle in high school and changing positions is different already and it has been just what I am working on with Molk after workouts and everything. It is just different and the terminology (that I) have to get used to. I'm just going to come in and contribute as much as I can."

Question: What went into your decision to graduate early and get here in January?

Christian Pace: "Basically I realized that it would help a lot not only academics but football. Because I'll get into the weight room and get used to the flow of things here. So come fall I'm not just wow this is impossible. I can ease into a little bit more."

Question: Do you catch a lot of flak coming from Ohio to Michigan?

Christian Pace: "Yeah my friends will give me a little bit but it is all just kind of joking around. They were all supportive of me."

Question: How important are the extra 15 practices that you're going to get in the long run do you think?

Christian Pace: "They're going to be very important. I'm sure I won't realize that until three years from now, but I'm going to learn a lot and it is just going to be a good experience for me overall."

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