Springmann Giving Michigan Closer Look

Ft. Wayne (IN) Bishop Dwenger OL/DL Tony Springmann was one of the top juniors at attendance at Michigan's junior day a few weeks back, and since then the Wolverines have been in steady pursuit. The two-way lineman's most recent chat with the Maize & Blue appears to have taken his Michigan recruitment to the next level.

Sam Webb:  Are the rumors that you received an offer from Michigan (Monday) true?

Tony Springmann:  "As of right now, it is just a verbal offer.  I was actually on the phone with Coach Frey, the offensive line coach this afternoon."

Sam Webb:  So he extended the verbal offer today?

Tony Springmann:  "Two weeks ago he came in and visited school and afterward we talked about it a little bit."

Sam Webb:  So what was your conversation today about?

Tony Springmann:  "He said that he wants to forward an offer and so does the coordinator and my recruiting area coach, but Coach Rodriguez with last week and getting everybody through with the 2010s… he has been kind of busy and hasn't seen the video yet.  So when he watches the video I should have a hard copy of the offer."

Sam Webb:  What are your impressions of Coach Frey?

Tony Springmann:  "Coach Frey.  He's kind of got the feeling that he's been through it all.  He shared his own stories about playing at Florida State and went through the recruiting thing and everything.  He knows what's going on and he knows what going on in your mind.  He's a nice guy.  He's real honest with you.  He's very personable as well."

Sam Webb:  Are you going to be at their junior day on the 20th?

Tony Springmann:  "I do not think so.  I was at their first junior day this year."

Sam Webb:  How was that?

Tony Springmann:  "It was really cool.  I've never been to Ann Arbor before and that was my first time seeing everything.  It was pretty cool."

Sam Webb:  What in particular impressed you with the campus or the town?

Tony Springmann:  "I knew it was a big school but when you're actually in the campus, it does not feel like a campus.  It feels like its own city, own town.  Everything that has to do with football is just amazing.  The facilities, the locker room, the practice field – everything."

Sam Webb:  So while you are on that visit was it just you getting a chance to see the facilities and the game or did they take you around and see the academic parts?

Tony Springmann:  "We did not see too much of the academic parts but talking to Coach Frey, he said next time I go up we'll talk more academics and kind of the whole other half of college."

Sam Webb:  Since Coach Frey is recruiting you, is it the case that Michigan is recruiting you for offensive line or have they said that yet what they are recruiting you for?

Tony Springmann:  "I'm pretty sure it is all offensive line."

Sam Webb:  What other offers do you have at this point, I know you gave me your initial list, but at this point where does your offer list stand?

Tony Springmann:  "I have a verbal from Michigan and then I have Purdue, Indiana, Michigan State, Ball State and hopefully Iowa here in the next few weeks."

Sam Webb:  I know you've expressed a lot of interest in Notre Dame; what is Notre Dame saying to you right now?

Tony Springmann:  "I actually have not heard from Notre Dame in a few weeks now.  I'm not sure why.  I know there was a coaching change and a lot of things going on with recruits and current players and everything, but it's kind of been a while."

Sam Webb:  So have you had any contact at all with the new staff or has it just slowed down in the last couple of weeks or have they not contacted you at all yet?

Tony Springmann:  "I have received one or two letters back in December.  It was kind of generic that they send out to everyone on their list."

Sam Webb:  Is it the case of if/when Notre Dame offers that they will go to the top of your list because of all the ties that you have to that program?

Tony Springmann:  "Not really.  They'll be up there, but I want to look at each school and evaluate each school and where I would fit in.  Not just go to a school because of a name."

Sam Webb:  At this point what other places do you plan on visiting?

Tony Springmann:  "Hopefully I'll go up to East Lansing for a spring practice and also to Michigan for a spring practice.  This summer I have a few camps that I plan on going to and that's about it so far."

Sam Webb: I know it is very, very early for you still, but do you have in your mind sort of a game plan for how you want this process to go – when you want this to end?

Tony Springmann:  "I've thought about it a few times and I'm thinking either in July before two a days or after my senior season is over."

Sam Webb:  I got you.  So what are going to be the factors that determine which school you pick?

Tony Springmann:  "I have a few favorite schools, but what is going to determine where I go it would probably be the education, the caliber of football and the people that I would be in contact with every day."

Sam Webb:  What is going to determine when you pick?

Tony Springmann:  "When the right offer comes I guess. We'll see."

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