Rodriguez Connects with Grant

Akron (OH) St. Vincent-St. Mary's corner Doran Grant is one of the top defensive back targets on Michigan's early 2011 recruiting board... a fact that was hammered home recently in a conversation between Michigan's headman and the Buckeye State standout.

Sam Webb:  How hard would you say that Michigan is on you right now?

Doran Grant:  "Pretty hard.  I talked to Coach Rodriguez (Tuesday) actually during my lunchtime."

Sam Webb:  What was he talking about?

Doran Grant:  "He said he wanted me up there for spring ball.  He wanted to meet me and talk to me like one on one to get to know me and I will get to know him.  I've been there before.  I've been to Michigan three times so far.  Three games and two camps, so five times. But now how me around the new facilities there and watch a couple of their practices and maybe the spring game.  They just want me to get familiar and comfortable with Michigan."

Sam Webb:  What kind of vibe did you get when you were up in Ann Arbor?

Doran Grant:  "Pretty good vibe.  I like the atmosphere a lot.  They love their football up there and that's what I like about Michigan, the crowd.  It does not matter if they have a down year or a good year, solid or whatever – they going to root for their team unlike some colleges. That's what I like about."

Sam Webb:  So what is Michigan saying to you about how you would fit in?  Are they telling you that you can come in and compete for playing time right away?

Doran Grant:  "They did not necessarily say that yet, because I did not really talk to all the coaches yet.  Actually Coach Rodriguez said that I would really like what they have in store for me there.  So I'm guessing that's what they are talking about."

Sam Webb:  I know Michigan has already offered you a scholarship; how many scholarship offers do you have?

Doran Grant:  "I have 16 so far."

Sam Webb:  So you're got Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State; who are some of the other big schools that you?

Doran Grant:  "West Virginia, Georgia and Georgia Tech, Notre Dame."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a favorite?  Did you grow up liking one of those schools in particular?

Doran Grant:  "I actually grew up at first liking Miami Hurricanes and just everybody else…I do not really have a favorite.  I just like college football.  So I like watching everybody, all the colleges, everybody."

Sam Webb:  What about O-State? How hard is O-State on you?

Doran Grant:  "Real hard.  They said that they do not want me out of state at all so.  They said they going to come after me.  They real interested.  I've talked to Coach Johnson and a lot of the coaches, the defensive back coach a lot."

Sam Webb:  How big of a factor is distance from home going to be for you?

Doran Grant:  "It's going to be more big for my mom than it is for me.  She don't like me going to far.  I go where I can fit in the best.  The best place for me."

Sam Webb:  For mom, how far is too far?  Is it three hours, four hours, five hours; has she kind of said to you yet?

Doran Grant:  "Around the corner (laughter).'

Sam Webb:  Would she be willing to move with you if you wanted to go to further away?

Doran Grant:  "Yeah I think so. I think she would."

Sam Webb:  So when you look at these schools with so many big timers after you, what is going to set one team apart from the rest when you get ready to pick one?

Doran Grant:  "Probably just people and playing time.  I want to go to a school that I can play early and not sit and are good people."

Sam Webb:  As far as these visits that you might take in the future; it sounds like you real busy.  You got any plans to make it to any more campuses in the spring?

Doran Grant:  "Yeah.  I'll probably go to Michigan, Ohio State, West Virginia, North Carolina and maybe Georgia Tech."

Sam Webb:  I know it is still real early for you, but do you have sort of a game plan in mind for when you might want to make a decision?

Doran Grant:  "I'm thinking probably after my season probably at the All-American Under Armour game."

Sam Webb:  You already committed to that right?

Doran Grant:  "Yeah."

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