Devin Speaks Some More

Part Two of GBW's interview with early-enrollee Devin Gardner – what was it like having to come in over a week late? Also Devin on his friend Demar Dorsey. About pushing for P-T. And more.

Devin Part One.

Question: Obviously your story is a little bit different than the other early enrollees because you were in a few days late. What was it like adjusting even when you did not have orientation as the same time as the other guys?

Devin Gardner: "Actually it was like two weeks late. It was different, but I got through it. I had to work hard. I was at the study table every single day working hard for hours and now I'm caught up and I'm on the same scheduled as everybody else."

Question: So when do you finally get to know your roommate?

Devin Gardner: "I do not know. He's there sometimes. He likes to use the computer a lot, so I do not really want to bother him."

Question: Do you know who he is?

Devin Gardner: "Naw. I know his name is Charlie. We talk sometimes."

Question: You guys do not hang out and play the Xbox together?

Devin Gardner: "Naw, we never do that. I'm not there that much. When I get there it is usually bedtime and we got to go to bed…so it's alright Charlie."

Question: What about the time leading up to when you were going to be able to come or not? What was that like for you?

Devin Gardner: "It was one of the most nerve whacking experiences of my life. It would have been better if they said I couldn't. It was like every day, every other day it was like maybe you'll be able to and maybe you won't be able to and that was very stressful."

Question: Regarding Demar Dorsey, were you recruiting him at Under Armour game?

Devin Gardner: "We was just down there having a bunch of fun. I do not really recruit that much. I'll ask someone if they are going to come to Michigan, if they say no that's their decision because I know I did not like to be bugged by anybody about where I was going to go. We were having a good time and I guess he enjoyed it. He had happened to be on the visit with me too and so we even had more fun. Now he's a Wolverine."

Question: Have you talked to him since he committed?

Devin Gardner: "Yeah I just talked to him a few minutes ago."

Question: How was the conversation?

Devin Gardner: "It was hilarious as usual. He's a funny guy."

Question: How has the first month been for you so far?

Devin Gardner: "It's been great. I've been just getting my work done, throwing a little bit, having fun."

Question: You spent most of your first couple weeks getting caught up on academics; how was that for you in terms of getting caught up?

Devin Gardner: "It was fine. I just had to do a lot of work and stay at the study table and work hard."

Question: What has been the biggest transition from high school to the college level especially since you got in a week and a half to two weeks late?

Devin Gardner: "Just the amount of work, athletically and academically just the amount of work is the biggest difference."

Question: Does it help having more of a structured system here with the academic support center?

Devin Gardner: "Most definitely. It helps with the tutors and everybody like that."

Question: Are you really working on making a push for playing time here?

Devin Gardner: "Yeah. If I wasn't, I wouldn't have come to Michigan."

Question: How is that going to affect your spring?

Devin Gardner: "I'm just going to get more time to get prepared for the season and get a chance to prove to the coaches that I know the offense."

Question: Have you gotten a chance to learn much of the offense yet?

Devin Gardner: "I got a chance to look at the playbook and everything like that and run some seven on sevens."

Question: How far have you gotten into the playbook have you gotten?

Devin Gardner: "Not that far. The coaches haven't been here so I really haven't been able to get into depth with it."

Question: Have Tate (Forcier) and Denard (Robinson) been helping you along the way? I mean how has their reception to you so far?

Devin Gardner: "They've been helping me kind of like mentors during the seven on sevens, because I know nothing about the playbook and none of the plays. So they have to tell me what everybody does and everything and I just go out and execute it."

Question: What has your experience been so far in the seven on sevens?

Devin Gardner: "I've done pretty good. I've thrown some touchdowns and everything like that."

Question: What's the difference between these seven on sevens and the ones that you played last year?

Devin Gardner: "It's just speed. Everybody is faster and they react quicker."

Question: Has it been a struggle for you a little bit dealing with that or have you been just doing your thing?

Devin Gardner: "I've been doing fine."

Question: Who are your guys so far? I know you've got a little bit of a social life. Who you been banging out with?

Devin Gardner: "I hang out with Jeremy Gallon and Cameron Gordon. Obviously he went to school with me and everything like that."

Question: How is that relationship with you and Cameron? It must be nice to have another Inkster Viking on the team?

Devin Gardner: "Yeah it's nice playing with him. It was good playing with him in high school and it was nice to play with him again."

Question: A lot of the Inkster guys went on to different colleges; do you get a chance to talk to any of the Lindsey twins or any of the other Inkster cats and say what's up with them?

Devin Gardner: "They called me today. I was in class though so I'm going to call them back a little later."

Question: What do you expect out of the Inkster Vikings this year?

Devin Gardner: "I expect them to do well because they work hard like I work hard and they in college now and I think they should be able to do well."

Question: What do you expect out of yourself going into the next 15 practices and getting ready for spring ball? Your own personal expectations.

Devin Gardner: "Just hard work and learning the play book so I can get a chance to get onto the field."

Question: April 17th is the first day that you are going to be able to go out and play in the Big House in front of fans on a spring day.

Devin Gardner: "I can't wait. Just like my first game in high school when I was in ninth grade, I couldn't wait and it is even bigger now in front of 110,000."

Question: Do you know what number you're going to be rocking yet?

Devin Gardner: "I do not know what number yet, but it is probably going to be seven."

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