Zettel Talks Decision Timetable

Recruiting is heating up for West Branch (MI) Ogemaw Heights standout Anthony Zettel. The versatile lineman is fielding interest from new schools every day, but recently he began weighing his desire to see more of his suitors against his desire to play for his longtime favorite.

The recruiting news has been flowing fast and furious into the home of Anthony Zettel in recent days.  Earlier this week it seemed yet another big offer had come through, this time from Penn State.  It turns out, however, that that report was a tad premature.

"They called today, but that was a misunderstanding between some people," said Zettel explaining the offer mix up.  "They called and they wanted to see me down at the campus and that stuff but that wasn't true."

Zettel's current offer list still stands at Michigan, Michigan State, and Central Michigan, but the interest from other Big Ten area programs has definitely been on the rise.  That has caused his in-state suitors to double their recruiting efforts.  That appears to be especially true of the Wolverines.

"I keep in touch with Michigan pretty good," Zettel stated.  "We talked (Thursday).  We talked (Thursday) for a while actually. I talked to Coach Frey and then Coach Rodriguez for a little bit. I was talking about a timeline to know (when to make a decision).  They are not taking a big class this year and I was seeing how I fit into the program.  They've offered 10 offensive lineman and they are taking probably four or five offensive lineman, so I was asking for a good timeline to decide so it does not fill up on me.  I want to check out a couple of other schools to make sure that I know Michigan is the right one or whatever school. I want to feel comfortable enough before I decide my future really."

The Ogemaw Heights standout wasn't able to get solid timeframe locked in, but he was able to get a good feel for what the tell tale signs of the need to make the call will be if Michigan is going to be the choice.

"(Coach Frey) said he does not know for sure, but he said when two offensive linemen commit probably that would probably be a good time if you are going to go to Michigan," Zettel reported.  "He said that he wants me there as early as possible to get things started out on the commit list for offensive lineman.  That would be good, but I told him that I wanted to check out some other schools and make sure like I just told you."

Aside from Michigan's junior day, there is only one definite trip on the itinerary currently. After that his visit plans are still in the formative stages.

"I want to go to Notre Dame junior day next month," said Zettel.  "I do not know (where else) right now, but I'll probably see.  It'll start to get crazy with recruiting and I'll see then what other colleges I want to go visit.  I do not know right now.  Whatever pops up."

In the meantime Zettel plans to continue to put in the hard work to improve his game and prove his talent.  He did just that last weekend at the BadgerSport Elite Linemen Challenge at Rutgers where he won the MVP award.

 "That was fun," Zettel reported.  "It was a different level of competition but I held my own against everybody there. I'm smaller than a lot of people but just in strength and working harder helped me out a lot.  It was fun.  I got along with everybody down there.  It was a real good camp to go to.  I liked everything that they put together and they put it together well.  I got my name out there pretty good obviously by going to it."

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