Offensive Coord. Calvin Magee Speaks

Magee answers questions on this year's recruiting class (incl. on you-know-who), plus Denard Robinson.

Question: You landed kind of a diverse group of wide receivers in this year's recruiting class?

Calvin Magee: "Yeah we kind of need that. We need our guys to understand that they got to know all four positions and I know we kind of have outside receivers and inside receivers but at times we want to have them play inside, the bigger guys and vice versa with the smaller guys. So we wanted to get those kinds of guys that we thought could do both. Those four guys that we got coming in, having three here early really helps. That's one of thing we got going is that we got mostly offensive guys in early. That's really going to help us in adding that depth."

Question: Last year with you guys recruiting so many slot receivers is that sort of where the focus was on this year to get those bigger more possession receivers?

Calvin Magee: "Yeah. I can't say that it was planned that way from year one to year two but when you relook at your roster and you feel good about a certain spot, naturally you have to shore up the others one. So that was the focus this year was to get the bigger outside guys."

Question: You recruited (Demar) Dorsey right?

Calvin Magee: "I was part of recruiting him. Everybody recruits everybody."

Question: Right but you were the lead guy for him; what was it out of him that you saw him "character wise" that led you believe that he was a good fit?

Calvin Magee: "Just every kid that we recruit and I'm not going to specifically talk about Dorsey, but every kid we recruit, we spend an awful lot of time…we probably spend more time on character than anything to be honest with you and academics. Football is what we do, so we have to spend that extra time on the character issues. Just like all the recruits we recruited, we saw a kid that has it – good character and we have no problems with it."

Question: With some setbacks the last few years on the character side of things, do you think that sort of put more focus or is it still just the same sort of focus for the past few years?

Calvin Magee: "You mean just on football teams generally?"

Question: Just being able to, especially you guys focusing especially on character, a lot of the recruiting has to do with that?

Calvin Magee: "Every season, every year is different and every year you want to bring in quality kids. That's not going to change and it hasn't changed with us."

Question: So his past does not concern you at all, you feel confident…?

Calvin Magee: "On that point, I think Coach Rod answered as many questions as he needed to answer on that."

Question: Are there positions on the offense right now where some of these kids maybe have more of a chance than others?

Calvin Magee: "All of them. No really, all of them because you look at a guy like Patrick Omameh who came in late last year and now he's right in the picture of things. So no position, it is going to be good to have like a David Molk back on the offensive line but those are spots that we still have to get the people in the right spot. But all of the skilled positions, every position is going to be a real competitive situation in the spring and we feel really good to have those numbers now and really get guys competing and competing for jobs and supporting each other. As you see with injuries you got to have guys ready to pick up and keep going with things go down."

Question: I know Denard (Robinson) is a quarterback and he's been told he's a quarterback but as you add depth and as he gets all the quarterback stuff down, how much of that will allow you to maybe take a look at him do some other stuff?

Calvin Magee: "We going to look at everybody on the offense and see what the spot is for them. I agree with you, he is a quarterback and that's where he is going to play. But we are going to look at everybody and see what they bring to the table in different spots and that's what is going to be the fun of the spring because we do have those numbers now and we did recruit versatility. At least that's one of the goals that we always talk about. So it is going to be our job now to find the right spots with everybody and the good thing about this team is that they all in, I do not mean to use that cliché right now, but they're all in for what we are doing in those areas so everybody is open for making us better."

Question: Was it kind of good to get a second quarterback in Conelius Jones that already said, look I want to play quarterback, but I can do other things too?

Calvin Magee: "Yeah no question, and again it goes back to versatility. That's what we recruited the kid is as a quarterback, he knows that. We look forward to him being in that mix, in that competition also when he gets here. So it is part of the versatility that we want."

Question: Anybody comparable to Denard in this class that you got that is going to be that kind of playmaker?

Calvin Magee: "Well Denard being in the quarterback position and touching the ball every time was a little different. We did try to bring in guys that were versatile and guys that could play multiple positions and do things for us."

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