Jeremy Jackson Talks Transition

For the son of U-M Assistant Coach Fred Jackson it's just a matter of driving across town ... but there is still a big transition.

Question: How has the first month been?

Jeremy Jackson: "Great. It's been great. I'm very excited about being here."

Question: What has been your biggest transition so far?

Jeremy Jackson: "Just school and workouts have really been a big transition for me. Definitely a lot harder than high school."

Question: What has your father been telling you so far?

Jeremy Jackson: "He's excited to have me and he's telling me to work hard every day and good things will come."

Question: Is it weird seeing him in the football building only and not when you go home instead of going to the dorm room?

Jeremy Jackson: "It's not really weird. It's actually a better thing than to see him every day."

Question: You probably the least one who has had any home sickness out of anyone?

Jeremy Jackson: "Yeah because I drive home – no problem."

Question: Who are some of the guys that you've been chilling with on the team, early enrollees; who's your roommate and what have you been up to in terms of your social life?

Jeremy Jackson: "Social life, to be honest I haven't really had one recently. I'm just trying to catch up to the transition of college. It is pretty hard from high school. So really I'm just trying to get the hang of things."

Question: What has been your experience so far in "gym class"; getting in the gym and working out with Barwis, things like that?

Jeremy Jackson: "It is completely different than in high school. You can't match the intensity. Just being in with him every single day is just improving me tremendously."

Question: Have you gotten a chance to check out the playbook and get yourself more involved in the offense?

Jeremy Jackson: "Yeah."

Question: What have you been working on the most?

Jeremy Jackson: "Just learning the signals because we're in a spread and everything from the spread is signal wise. So just going through the signals and learning the playbook basically."

Question: Is it kind of difficult to go to a college playbook from a high school playbook?

Jeremy Jackson: "Not too bad. It usually takes me three to four days to learn a high school playbook but with this one, it is obviously a lot bigger, a lot more complex. I'm just trying to break it down and learn a little bit day by day."

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