Michigan Takes Aim at Walker

It took a little while for Michigan's offer to reach Cleveland (OH) Glenville OT Audrey Walker, but it finally reached his hands last week. Now he looking to learn more about the Maize & Blue and a host of other suitors... all of whom appear to be chasing the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Sam Webb:  We received word recently that you received a Michigan offer.  How did you get word of it?

Aundrey Walker:  "I was on Facebook and Coach Rodriguez hit me up.  Drey you're receiving your offer in a fax.  You've received your offer in a fax by yesterday.  So I'm like yesterday, I ain't received no fax.  I gave him my address and stuff and I did receive it in the mail, so I'm cool though."

Sam Webb:  So you were supposed to receive the fax at school.  Do you know if Cardale (Jones) received his?

Aundrey Walker:  "Yeah Cardale got an offer too.  He told me actually two days ago that he received his in the mail too."

Sam Webb:  Who all do you all have offers from at this point?

Aundrey Walker:  "I've got Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a favorite?

Aundrey Walker:  "Not right now but my dream schools, the schools that I'd like to receive an offer are Texas, Florida and USC.  I'd like to visit the campuses and get the feel for them.  I doubt if I get an offer from them because they only recruit in their states."

Sam Webb:  So tell me about yourself a little bit… your game,  your height, your weight… how you get down on the field… break it all down for me.

Aundrey Walker:  "I'm 6'6", 335 and I'm a mean streaker!  I like to dog people.  Pancake people, lay on top of them and talk.  That's what I do.   Blow people off the ball and run them down the field, drive them down the field 20 yards and then slam them.  That's what I do, you know what I mean (laughing).  That's what God created.  I learned from the cradle.  My father was a football player.  He was a mean-streaker too. I just got the attitude to be a dog."

Sam Webb:  (Laughing hard).  All that being said, was there anybody on the field in any game last year where that you lined up from across from him and you said, ‘alright… yeah, he can get with me'?"

Aundrey Walker:  "There was somebody who hit me with a couple of moves too. Number 55 from Reynoldsburg (Roosevelt Nix), I forget his name.  He was a D-tackle, defensive end, linebacker, the whole nine.  He played everything.  Hey, he was cold.  I ain't going to lie.  He was cold."

Sam Webb:  You were down at the San Antonio for the All-American Combine, right?  Was there anyone down there that got with you?

Aundrey Walker:  "Yeah I was down there in San Antonio.  Yeah I went down there my sophomore year too.  Oh yeah, let me tell you about this dude Desmond Jackson.  He is a D-tackle.  He's from Texas.  Yeah, he hit me with a move.  I do not even want to tell you the story because I do not even want you to put it in the interview (laughing).  But I'll tell you anyway.  He hit me with a move that was crazy, man (laughing).  I was shocked because he's so quick!  I'm like oh, my I got to get my lateral movement good because there are going to be people like that in college!  I've got to get this down pat right now!  He hit me with a sick move. (Laughing).  I'm telling you…  I was like, dang, this man is on something else! (laughing)."

Sam Webb:  Lets get back to talking about recruiting.  What are your feelings about Michigan right now?  I'm going to say the school and you just tell me what you're thinking about them right now.  O-State.

Aundrey Walker:  "O-State – love them."

Sam Webb:  Michigan?

Aundrey Walker:  "I've got to get the feel for the campus and coaches."

Sam Webb:  It's the case that O-State has a lot of guys that come from Glenville.  They just got Christian Bryant from your school.  Do you feel sort of that pull, sort of that draw to O-State to sort of follow in the long line of Glenville guys that have gone there?

Aundrey Walker:  "I can't say.  It's so early in the recruiting process, but I love O-State though.  It's my home school.  I can't do anything else but love them.  They've been doing great things and they put great people in the league.  If I do go there I feel like they would give me an opportunity for life to be successful, to do stuff after football."

Sam Webb:  When you get out on these recruiting trips and go through your recruitment what are you looking for in a school; what is going to set one school apart from all the rest?

Aundrey Walker:  "Basically me and my mother talked about it three weeks in a row about the academics side.  It's not all about football.  It's about getting acclimated and my helping the community and being a leader and this and that.  Just my grades period and what they offer me, because I want to major in forensic, criminology or anthropology.  So when I go to the campus we going to get the feel of it or whatever, boom, boom, boom and see what we they offer on the major side.  Get into the whole academic process and the academic programs and all that.  So it ain't going to be all about football, it is going to be talking to the coaches and all the other good stuff."

Sam Webb:  You just mentioned your moms.  Is she going to be cool if you want to go away to school?

Aundrey Walker:  "I've been talking since I was in the eighth grade that I'm going to USC and she is like, no you're not.  I want to go to the games and this or that.  I said that you going to have move out there with me.  She like I'm not moving out there (laughing).  Things change from eighth grade year.  I'm getting older and I'm starting to see things more and more.  Like I said, I'm going to go to a school that is going to give me the opportunity to do what I need to do."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a timeline for when you want to get this done.  I know Christian did his in January and did it kind of later in the process.  Do you want to follow that same sort of model or do you want get yours done a little bit earlier than that?

Aundrey Walker:  "I can't even say.  I can't even say for real.  I do not know because me and my mother…she talking about you ain't going to commit unless I tell you to commit and this and that.  I'm like okay, you know how it is.  It's probably going to be around February 6th, around signing day or probably before.  If I make it to the All-American Bowl I'll probably commit there or something."

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