Ricardo Miller's Fired Up

The early-entry wide receiver talks about the 2010 Michigan recruiting class, what he did to contribute to it, and what they plan to do on the field in 2010.

Question: You're finally here, how does it feel to be enrolled?

Ricardo Miller: "It feels great. I'm here finally and I'm enrolled and I got all my guys with me. The high school phase is done and more focus on college and take it from there."

Question: How has the first month treated you so far?

Ricardo Miller: "It's been crazy. From classes to workouts, it's just been 24/7 on the run every single day, but I'm getting used to it. I'm starting to get a good feel for it. You know how it is in college. It is very structured. Everything is done by the book. You basically got a schedule for you. There is free time in between after study table, class or workout, you may get an hour or two to yourself to kind of relax or what not. For the most part, it is already organized for you just basically do a routine every day."

Question: How much different is that from high school where you've got people around you 24/7?

Ricardo Miller: "High school, there is so much opportunity to mess up or do something that you're not supposed to be doing. In college, there is nothing like that at all. There is always somebody watching you or somebody that is making sure that you doing the right thing. When you're not around those people at study table, class or workout; there may be opportunity to do that but it is not much like high school. It is definitely lot less stressful on you because you already know what you're going to do for that day. In high school you freelance and do what you want to do."

Question: You got your first taste of Barwis, tell me a little about that?

Ricardo Miller: "I'm sore right now just even thinking about him. Barwis is a good guy. He's definitely going to transform me into somebody that is totally, totally different from what I am right now and I think that coming here definitely he is going to improve, not just physically but also speed, balance. I'm just going to be a complete football player. Not just somebody that works on strength, get my bench up and my squat, but he works on all aspects of football to be a football player and not a weightlifter. That is one of the things that he has been stressing to us the most and I think that is one of the things that he is getting us prepared for on the football field and not just the weight room."

Question: Have you gotten a chance to look at the playbook and start learning parts of the offense; where do you stand with that?

Ricardo Miller: "I'm not looking too deep in it yet because spring ball hasn't started up. I do not want to look at the playbook too hard but just a few plays skimming through, seeing how the offense works and formations, play callings and stuff like that. Just get a good feeling of the scheme and everything to see how I fit into the system."

Question: I know you get to have a little fun, so who are you guys out of the early enrollees and on the team right now?

Ricardo Miller: "I'd say have to say Austin White and Jeremy (Jackson). I'm with those guys 24/7 when I'm not by myself. I think probably because they are offense players and we kind of vibe a little bit more. Roy Roundtree is actually my mentor and Coach Magee got me mentored with him. So he is like my big brother, so whenever I'm not with Jeremy or Austin I'm always with him and we're always working to together. He's kind of been an impact to me already and we haven't even gotten fully into the season. I think with Tree in mind and Jeremy and Austin, those guys support me while I'm going through the progression and everything should be okay."

Question: You racked up a lot of cell phone minutes with all the recruiting you did; how much work did you actually do on this recruiting class?

Ricardo Miller: "I stressed so much on how to get these recruits up here. Like I said, I keep stressing time and time again, you're only good as your team. I thought coming in and getting Demar Dorsey and Cullen Christian and Josh Furman and all these other guys, Kenny Wilkins; calling them up and making sure that our class was the best class coming in. Michigan, we not used to losing and I think with our class coming in, we definitely not going to lose any more any time soon. I just wanted to make sure that our class was the best, making sure that we get 100% out of it. The fans they deserve it. We deserve it as a team. I just make sure that the people that made the plays and can get us to a national championship, I made sure I called them up and say, ‘Hey you are going to be a Wolverine'."

Question: Did you know Demar Dorsey before he really got involved with Michigan late in the process?

Ricardo Miller: "It's funny because I knew who he was, but I really did not know him, know him like I did Cullen and Marvin Robinson and all those guys. We hit it off about probably two weeks ago and it was great. He's from Florida, I'm from Florida and we kind of had a little history of not playing each other but coming to some of our games and seeing each other play. We kind of already knew each other from that standpoint but getting individually like I said with Jeremy and those guys and actually being buddy-buddy, I really did not know him until two weeks ago. So when we started talking we kind of vibed a lot more and he got a good feel. He already liked Michigan anyways. I told him what I basically thought about Michigan and what we're going to do in a couple of years and he seemed onboard. That's basically it with all the guys. I'm not selling them anything. I'm telling them something…giving them the dream. I'm just being straight with them, honest with them and said look, Michigan is the place to be and you can't be in any other place then Michigan. I just had to tell them that and we just took it from there. Demar is definitely somebody who could definitely be an impact on this team immediately."

Question: You talked about Marvin a little bit; how is he handling that he was supposed to be with you guys already? Obviously he's a legit Wolverine but…

Ricardo Miller: "When he first heard that he couldn't come up here, he was a little upset about it. He's taking it with a grain of salt and he's basically getting ready to come in, in the summer, I think around June is when he is going to make it official coming up here. He was upset like I said, but he's just glad that we're all up here. We're getting adjusted and he's going to be here pretty soon."

Question: What else do you have to say to Michigan fan as you get ready for spring ball?

Ricardo Miller: "All I got to say is Michigan get ready. We're definitely coming back in 2010. It is not going to be anything like the past two years. We had a good run for those two years, but it is definitely going to be a better year this year."

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