Darius Morris on Getting Better

The freshman Michigan point guard talks about the team getting better - and showing tonight at Iowa.

Question: Coach said he saw a lot of things out you that he liked at Minnesota, do you consider that one of your best games?

Darius Morris: "Felt all around yeah. I did some stuff that probably wouldn't show up on the stat sheet that coach said as far as me, Stu (Douglass)…actually the whole team that game. Like diving on loose balls and knowing when to take the right shots and controlling the tempo on the road. He said that he felt like I grew up a little bit in that game and hopefully I can just keep doing that."

Question: You took the charge; you said it was your first one right?

Darius Morris: "Yeah it was my first one. I wasn't really a big charge taker in high school either. Coach is always preaching that those types of plays right there are the plays that win games. So when the ball was turned over it was just me and I think (Paul) Carter, I just ran and tried to beat him to the spot. I said, alright I'm going to take this one. I had a few opportunities to take it in the first half and coach got mad at me. So I was like alright I'm going to take it and luckily I got my feet set and the ref called a charge. It was a good feeling. I felt like I scored 20 points just that one play."

Question: Can you talk about the confidence of playing well in Minnesota and now going into another road game; obviously what does that do for this team at this time?

Darius Morris: "It is really important, because the season is never over. You always hear stories about teams that catch on late and one thing about Beilein's teams is that they are known for getting better and at one point we weren't getting better, but now I think it is starting to click and hopefully a win at Iowa (tonight) will show that we've been watching a lot of film. Going really hard in practice, I feel a good team vibe and we're really improving on the road team, so getting another road win would be great for us."

Question: What was that period was like when you did not feel like as hard as you were practicing and as hard as you were playing in games and not getting better?

Darius Morris: "It was just something that the players have to do. We just have to take it up one more notch. Sometimes we will show glimpses of that but it needed to be a consistent basis every day in practice. The coaches were doing a great job and they still are doing a good job of bringing it every day. It helps all the players even the ones that are at the scout team. They need to bring it to and now I feel like everybody is involved one through how many of us are practicing. I feel like we are all having that same focus. We want to get better. We're really listening to the coaches and really taking in what they had to say."

Question: You had the day where you had a couple of practices split up, it sounded like it was pretty tough…?

Darius Morris: "It was tough and while we were going through it we knew it was tough but in the locker room when no coaches were around, we all looked at each other and we were like we needed that. Maybe it should have come sooner but that was really huge for us. Just to get us back focused mentally, because when coach did that it just kind of showed us that he really wants us to get it now. The season is not over and a lot of coaches would get down and probably think about next season but he is really still focused on this season."

Question: Was it different than other ones?

Darius Morris: "Yeah it was tough. Sometimes we wouldn't even touch a basketball. A lot of running was involved. Just a lot of defensive things – fundamentals. We really went back to the fundamentals those practices and even though it is probably the same thing that the middle schools are doing across the street, we were doing at a really high level. You really get tired, in the game you think twice when you about to make a mistake on a defensive assignment, you think twice that you do not want to run no more."

Question: Can something that little like a practice really make a big difference for a team that is trying to make a run?

Darius Morris: "Oh yeah. It all starts in practice. You got to bring it in practice. You can't just turn it on in the games. Whatever you do in practice it is kind of a reflection of what you're going to do in a game. So that's why we are taking practice so serious, every minute of it, our focus has to be like it is in a game. We treat every practice like it's a game because that's the only way you can get ready for a game."

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