Coach Beilein on the Iowa Win

"I really thought it was in. Sometimes I'm wrong ... I watch these guys shoot thousands of balls in practice and you know when the release is good."

Opening Statement Coach Beilein: "Some of you do an article about these games. We're going to get back at three and we've got a load of classes tomorrow, Wednesday, but it was a great game. I think everybody got their monies worth that were in the building. It was entertaining. If we drop that game, we do not win that in overtime, I walk here still feeling good about the direction of our team. Happy for Todd (Lickliter) because his team played so well. It was a good basketball game. I think you all probably enjoyed it was well."

Question: Can you talk about the end of regulation going to DeShawn (Sims), you did it at the end of the first half and it did not work out.

Coach Beilein: "Yeah it was the same play that we ran at the end of the first half that we ran it and he backed up instead of sliding over for a closer three. My thought there is that they're really going to sit on our three point guys. There is one guy that they are not going to sit on and if you look at the Big Ten stats, they're all in the 29-32 range. A guy who is shooting the same percentages, we would get him a little more open. It was a quicker hitting play as well. I thought they would be sitting on a lot of other stuff. So we just had a hunch and it worked. If does not, you're all saying why the heck did you go to DeShawn. We do practice the play as one of our options."

Question: When the ball left his hand did you think it was in?

Coach Beilein: "I really thought it was in. Sometimes I'm wrong. I'm usually right when I know its way off. I watch these guys shoot thousands of balls in practice and you know when the release is good. It really looked good from the beginning. I'm just disappointed he stayed down on the ground for so long."

Question: He said he was trying to get the foul too.

Coach Beilein: "They did not call...guess what they did not blow the whistle. Get up and play defense."

Question: He took over even before the two three point plays, he is one of your finishers now.

Coach Beilein: "That may be a record for shots, 25 shots in a game. I think he is capable of finishing even better. They really do a great job of walling up and getting into you and knocking you around a little bit. He did not finish some of those, but really credit their defense."

Question: Manny (Harris) seemed to take control in overtime, a year after not playing in overtime; did you kind of pull him aside and say hey listen.

Coach Beilein: "We've seen over the last couple of weeks we've seen him make great strides, taking great ownership of the team, but he is really at practice and games like that, where he hasn't still…I think he has a huge upside to his game. He missed a couple of easy shots there, missed a couple of layups. Then he hit a huge three when we needed him too off a broken play. So he's got a lot of courage. We're just trying to channel it in the right direction. Against some teams he runs into a wall when he is really courageous. Today he really showed some great courage."

Question: In overtime you guys went down again and it seemed like you were a bit hesitant taking shots and then Stu (Douglass) made that one three; how big of a shot was that for him?

Coach Beilein: "That was right in front of me. It was a little bit of distance, a little bit off balance as he came off of that. That's what we're capable of doing and we've done it the last two games. That was big for all our guys – Laval's (Lucas-Perry) first half was big for us. He came off the bench and gave us that. Zach (Gibson) came in and gave us a layup. We're getting better whether it is good enough to continue and keep winning, I do not know but the last two games, we've played very well."

Question: The way you shot in the first half and you're tied; what did you say to them at halftime; what was going through your mind?

Coach Beilein: "Well 33-33 on the road, I'll take it any time. If you do not get down on the road early it's hard to do that. Yes we were up but that wasn't going last. With the exception of two teams, which are probably championship level teams I think Purdue and one other team in the league that really got away from them. They've got a chemistry right now that is developing that allows them to beat Northwestern the way they did. I was not disappointed with that. I did not like the way the half ended because we blew a play and we had two fouls go give and we did not use them and they scored two points and that was pretty important as it turned out."

Question: Talk about (Aaron) Fuller's night for Iowa?

Coach Beilein: "I do not think it is his night. I think it is becoming every night right now. He's got a unique ability for a guy that is not a classic four man, because he is 6'6", but plays much bigger than that. A lot of four guys can't create off the dribble like he does and use his body on spin dribbles, draw fouls, rebounds. He has more offensive rebounds in the league than DeShawn Sims does. He's become a great player. Iowa is going to love watch him over the next two years and some change."

Question: Is there something about Manny that he can play the final almost 10 minutes with four fouls?

Coach Beilein: "He does not foul much as it is. In fact, he's got to learn play more aggressively and still not foul or accept the foul here. We were very careful of him. He did play good defense. You worry more on the charges with him then you worry about him following on defense."

Question: Can you just comment on your three point shooting?

Coach Beilein: "I think the last two games we've shot 50% back to back, so that is what we're capable of. We've had some really disappointing losses. If we make two more threes, there is a whole different picture of where we are in the standings. That's what it comes down to sometimes. If we make one less today, we're in here wondering what's wrong. It's a matter of when it's there we got to take it and when it's not there we got to keep working until we can drive the ball to the basket and get it into DeShawn or get more open from three."

Question: What kind of picture have you painted for the guys….?

Coach Beilein: "One game at a time. I think we told the team today that when you take advantage of opportunities they multiply. I think they're good enough in math to understand that you keep winning that you're going to have other opportunities and more opportunity. Good road win."

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