Michigan Ranks High with Oliver

The Wolverines have mined three talented prospects from Sugar Land (TX) Dulles high in recent years. The Maize & Blue is back in 2011 this time in hot pursuit of recently offered RB Jarrell Oliver. Is Michigan the team to beat?

Sam Webb:  We heard that you received your official offer from Michigan recently.  When exactly did that come through?

Jarrell Oliver:  "About two weeks ago, my coach was walking along the hallway and I had saw him and he handed me my offer and I was real excited."

Sam Webb:  How many offers do you have right now?

Jarrell Oliver:  "That was my official offer, but I have a verbal offer from Nebraska."

Sam Webb:  You said you were real excited did you ever get a chance to talk to the coaches after that once you had it?

Jarrell Oliver:  "I talked to Fred Jackson and thanked him for the offer and that's about it.  I've talked to him and try to get my official visit up there."

Sam Webb:  What did Coach Jackson say to you about how you fit into the mix; is it come in and play right away or what did he say that plan for you would be?

Jarrell Oliver:  "Actually he was supposed to discuss that when I went down there on March 13th (for the Night of Champions Jr. Day Event)"

Sam Webb:  That will be your first time in Michigan?

Jarrell Oliver:  "Yes sir."

Sam Webb:  Obviously three guys from your school have gone on to Michigan.  What have Troy Woolfolk, Brandon Herron, and Daryl Stonum said to you about the school and about the program?

Jarrell Oliver:  "They said that it is really beautiful up there and they say they have a rich tradition up there."

Sam Webb:  Do you get a chance to talk those guys on a regular basis or just every once in a while?

Jarrell Oliver:  "Every once in a while."

Sam Webb:  Do you know all those guys or do you mainly just know Troy?

Jarrell Oliver:  "Well most the time I talk to Troy's dad, but I've met Brandon Herron a couple of times."

Sam Webb:  So where do the Wolverines on your list right now?

Jarrell Oliver:  "I would say they would have to be in the top three schools that I'm looking at."

Sam Webb:  What are the other schools that are up with Michigan right now?

Jarrell Oliver:  "Nebraska and Oklahoma State."

Sam Webb:  Those are obviously B12 schools that are closer to home.  Do you think distance is going to be a factor for you?

Jarrell Oliver:  "No."

Sam Webb:  For people that haven't seen your game, break it down a little bit.  I know down in Orlando at the Under Armour Combine they just had you catching passes, but what about your overall game.  When people watch Jarrell Oliver on the field what do they see?

Jarrell Oliver:  "They see the explosion and the yards after initial contact."

Sam Webb:  Is there a particular style of offense that you're looking for?

Jarrell Oliver:  "No.  I think I fit into any offense that I'm would go and play in."

Sam Webb:  What is your height, your weight and your 40 time?

Jarrell Oliver:  "My height is 5'8 1/2", weight 198 and 40 time is 4.56." 

Sam Webb:  I do not know if you've thought this far ahead, but do you have in your mind sort of a game plan of how long you want the recruiting process to take?  

Jarrell Oliver:  "I'm going to commit before my senior season.  Probably around the time of seven-on-seven football."

Sam Webb:  When you get ready to make that decision what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Jarrell Oliver:  "Whether I'm going to be able to play right off the back or if I'm going to be red shirted.  What is going to be my spot on the depth chart."

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