Kevin Williams Searching for Comfort/Prestige

Holland (OH) Springfield DL Kevin Williams has seen his recruitment kick into high gear in recent weeks. A number of suitors have turned up the intensity of their pursuit, including the Michigan Wolverines whom he will visit for the first time this weekend.

Sam Webb:  How did your season go last year?

Kevin Williams:  "My season went very good as far as individually goes, but as far as the team goes…we struggled a little bit early on because we had a lot of young players, a lot of young talent that like first year starters, a lot of inexperienced players.  Individually I think I did very well.  I had 157 tackles and 15 sacks."

Sam Webb:  Is that a record or something, man?

Kevin Williams:  "(Laughing) At our school, yes."

Sam Webb:  Imagine your one of the coaches in the stands and you're watching Kevin Williams on the field do his thing; sort of break down your game for me?  What are the traits that you display on the field; what are the things that you do well, demeanor, all that stuff.

Kevin Williams:  "I play with a high motor.  I'm always moving, always trying to stay moving on the field.  I'm always going to the ball, flow to the ball every single play.  My goal is to be in on every single play.  At least making a major contribution.  If I'm not double or tripled team I'd want to make the play or even if I am double or tripled team I'm going to do something to try and make the play.  My explosiveness off the ball, hand work and quickness is mainly my strength."

Sam Webb:  Sounds like you're pretty versatile in the way you attack an opponent.

Kevin Williams:  "Exactly.  That's what I like to do in the game.  I like to confuse my opponent.  I like to start off in maybe a bull rush move and then hit him up with a quick one.  Always keep him thinking on his feet."

Sam Webb:  The recruiting thing has really started picking up from now; what schools do you have offers from at this point?

Kevin Williams:  "Michigan, Nebraska, Michigan State, University of Toledo, Bowling Green, Indiana and that's it for right now."

Sam Webb:  You're an Ohio guy, what is O-State saying to you right now?

Kevin Williams:  "Ohio State is very close to offering.  I'm going down there in two weeks and they are most likely going to extend an offer, hopefully."

Sam Webb:  As a guy that is in Buckeye State, is it the case that you grew up a Buckeye fan; is there a school that you maybe grew up a fan of?

Kevin Williams:  "I grew up a fan of Notre Dame.  I've liked all the schools around here.  I like Michigan, Michigan, State, Notre Dame and Ohio State.  I really like them all."

Sam Webb:  What was it about Notre Dame that stuck out to you at one point?

Kevin Williams:  "My grandpa was always a Notre Dame fan.  When I was little I'd go over there and watch them play and I started watching them play every weekend when I went over to their house."

Sam Webb:  Let's talk a little bit about the Michigan offer; when you got the offer was it a surprise or were you kind of expecting it like you are the Ohio State offer?

Kevin Williams:  "It was a surprise because they offered me on signing day.  My coach called me down and he said that he received a fax and he handed it to me.  At first I did not understand what it was until I started reading it.  I was like whoa – it was a real big shock.  I wasn't expecting it all.  I know they had come into the school a week before and watched the film with my coach.  So it wasn't that big of a shock but wow, all of a sudden type thing."

Sam Webb:  What coach or coaches have you spoken at Michigan so far?

Kevin Williams:  "I spoke to Coach Rodriguez. It was nice.  He's a real cool guy.  He's down to earth, real nice.  He wants me to come up.  I'm coming up this weekend for the junior day.  That's what I told him.  Come up to junior day and he will talk to me a little more."

Sam Webb:  Have you ever been to Michigan for a game or a visit before?

Kevin Williams:  "No I haven't.  I've been there when I was a little kid.  I went to the Michigan and Ohio State basketball game and they had the field open, so I was out walking around on the field and stuff."

Sam Webb:  Your list is growing seemingly exponentially with new schools showing interest all the time.  Do you have in y our mind a sort of timeline on how you want this to go?  Do you want to make this early; do you want to wait until the end of your high school season; how do you want things to play out?

Kevin Williams:  "I'm probably going to make my decision early, because I plan on graduating early in January of next year.  So I plan on making my decision by the end of spring."

Sam Webb:  What are going to be the factors that play into one school standing out above the rest?

Kevin Williams:  "Just a comfortable feeling, like the feeling that I get at home, like it is right for me.  The home feeling.  The coaches are definitely one.  Do I feel like I could play for these coaches, feel like I could have a future with them.  Academic prestige as well as the playing side of it."

Sam Webb:  Academic prestige, do you know what you want to major in at this point?

Kevin Williams:  "Yes.  I want to major in chemical engineering."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Williams after his junior day visit to Michigan this weekend.

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