Michigan Has Ohio Wideout's Attention

Michigan has plucked a few prime time prospects out of Massillon (OH) Washington high school in recent years, and now they're are back on the prowl for yet another. Last week the Maize & Blue extended an offer to standout pass-catcher Devin Smith. His recruiting process is just starting to heat up for this talented youngster, but he already holds the Wolverines in high regard.

Sam Webb:  Take me through how your season went last year.

Devin Smith "It went extremely well.  I did not know what to expect coming in when I transferred.  All the guys they told me to keep working hard.  My coaches were there to tell me little pointers and stuff.  It went well.  I enjoyed it."

Sam Webb:  I heard a lot about the game that you had against Glenville.  Word is you gave you gave Christian Bryant a hard time that day.

Devin Smith:  "Just a little bit (laughing).  The first half they didn't go to me a lot.  I got open a few times, but Robby (Partridge) did not give me the ball.  Towards the end, the fourth quarter is when I started to get the ball a little bit but by then it was too late.  Them guys are athletes and I enjoy playing against them because I got to show my ability that I can get open."

Sam Webb:  So for people who haven't seen you play, break down Devin Smith's game me.

Devin Smith:  "I'm a straight player.  I enjoy playing and that's what I want to do.  I'll do whatever it takes to help my team and that's what I do and that's my mindset every game is to do something to help my team win."

Sam Webb:  What's your height, weight and your 40 time?

Devin Smith:  "6'2", 197 pounds and at Ohio State I ran a 4.4 flat."

Sam Webb:  So you received your offer from Michigan last week.  How did you get word of it?

Devin Smith:  "I had it last Friday and they sent the fax in saying that they were offering me and a copy was going to come in the mail.  I'm just waiting on the copy that comes in the mail."

Sam Webb:  When you got that news what was your reaction?

Devin Smith:  "At first when I got the fax, I did not know what it was.  I went to my coach and asked him, I was wondering if Michigan offered me.  He called down and they said they offered me.  Right there I was in awe.  It was tremendous.  I couldn't believe it."

Sam Webb:  Have you been to Michigan before?

Devin Smith:  "No."

Sam Webb:  Are you coming up to the junior day on Saturday?

Devin Smith:  "Right now it is kind of tight making any junior days because of basketball. We've got practice and my little brother has a basketball game."

Sam Webb:  Without having experienced Michigan in person, what are your current impressions of the Wolverines?

Devin Smith:  "They've got some athletes.  They've got some fast kids, some hard hitting cats.  It's a good school up there.  I hear it all the time that they falling apart and stuff like that, but (despite) all that I think good of Michigan.  Me being an Ohio kid, I always grew up wanting Ohio State to beat Michigan.  But when it comes down to it, them offering me and stuff like that, it is a good thing. That makes me feel good."

Sam Webb:  Let's go into your decision making process; what are going to be the most significant factors in your choice; what is going to be one thing that sets one school apart from all the rest?

Devin Smith:  "One thing my mom, she always told me to pick the best school with the best academics and has a great campus.  Right now I do not really know too much about the schools that have offered me, but once I start making visits I can see what they can give me."

Sam Webb:  Do you have like a timeline in your head for when you want to make a decision?

Devin Smith:  "I say probably after my senior year after football season, I might make a decision."

Sam Webb:  So you going to go through the process.  You said you kind of tied up right now as far as making visits are concerned.  Do you have in your mind when you are going to try and get out on the road and see some schools?

Devin Smith:  "Cincinnati sent me a thing today about a junior day on a Sunday and I talked to my dad and we going to try to make that one.  After that we'll see."

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