Coach Beilein on the PSU Loss

Coach Beiilein talks about what Penn State did right, and what the Wolverines did wrong.

Opening Statement Coach Beilein: "So as you can see, Penn State, who has proven that they've had trouble winning, but they know how to play. They just haven't been able to go. The perfect example was the Wisconsin game where they were ahead in that game and we just…we played hard. I'm not saying that anybody did not play hard. We did not play smart and got to make some outside shots when they're available. Three guys that have been red hot…we do not win those other games without it. Two for 17, not a good stat. They'll bounce back, we'll bounce back. We'll find some positive in this. When your shooting like that, you got to have the imperfections that you try to cut down during your season when a few of them happen again is very frustrating."

Question: Does this live more of a bitter taste?

Coach Beilein: "I've had two or three like this. Both Northwestern games, this one right here, Wisconsin really, they bother me. No question they bother me. Sometimes you're absolutely helpless in it. I know those times are helpless. I know we're capable of more. I can't tell you why particular that we cannot make it…even having an off night, why not 30% tonight. You all know what they were doing. When Darius (Morris) was in the lineup, they were using (whoever was guarding) him to double on DeShawn (Sims) all the time. So it was going to be very hard for DeShawn trying to get any and they went under every ball screen, so they did not hedge, so you end up from there you got to knock down the open jump shot. They played off us and dared us to shoot a little bit and the way we've been playing it was very risky – it worked."

Question: Some of the players said after the game you were pretty quiet coming back into the locker room; what can you say to the team after another one of these type of games?

Coach Beilein: "I'll watch the film. Then we'll decide whether it was just an off night or whether there was some things we could control. You can't control some of the shooting that we had tonight."

Question: You talk about winning the 50/50s, is that one of those things that you'll be looking for?

Coach Beilein: "Yeah I do not know. The ball bounced funny a couple of times but there were some other times. Let's go back when we haven't shot well, we are a distracted team. So that's what happens. You're thinking about the missed shot and not getting the loose ball, you're thinking about it on defense. The kids care, they really care. You got to let it roll off of you and keep moving on and move on to the next play. The offense, I'm sure Rich's team wouldn't be very good if the offense got do not with their play, went three and out and had to go play defense. They probably wouldn't be very good because that's not there mindset. We have to change mindsets and separate the two games."

Question: This season the way it's gone…?

Coach Beilein: "This is a perfect example, so we just continue to work at it and know that it is just great fertilizer for the future. It teaches our guys, teaches me, teaches everybody how to be a better team."

Question: Is the most frustrating season that you've had?

Coach Beilein: "No not in 35 years, I've had some frustrating … this is difficult right now, for all of us – the whole team too."

Question: On if Penn State's rebounding advantage particularly worrisome…

Coach Beilein: "Well when we miss a lot of shots they are going to get a lot of rebounds. They had better size than us. They miss many. They shot a very good percentage. It's hard for us to get defensive rebounds and when we miss a lot of shots like we did tonight, they're going to get more rebounds. So rebound is a skewed stat. It's not always hustle or…it's who misses shots and you can't rebound a made shot and they did not miss many. They got five layups in a row at one time in the first half."

Question: How about the resiliency of Penn State starting out 0-12.

Coach Beilein: "This is terrific. They got a great coach and a great group of kids. (Talor) Battle did some things. Did he make one three? He might have had one, but he ended up with three backdoor layups, one time an incredible backdoor. It was unfortunate. I thought we stepped and took some charges; they must have been a little bit late. I do not know."

Question: Penn State scored a lot of points in the paint and after the defense has been improving and improving is that frustrating to see?

Coach Beilein: "A lot of the points in the paint would be dribble drives. I do not think they ever threw it in and ever got it in to a big guy. I thought (Tim) Frazier made a huge difference in the first half, but it is tough to just stay in front of Battle, so what happens when people have to help on Battle, then you have to rotate from the backside. He's not just a quick guy, he see's everything on the floor. He's a terrific player. I've seen a lot of good point guards, a lot of good guys. He's one of the best."

Question: It seemed like your defense struggled with Battle's speed?

Coach Beilein: "Yeah and when Frazier went in there, we were up and then came right back."

Question: Can you talk about Darius' defense.

Coach Beilein: "He did a really good job when he came in there. We were trying to mix what was…pick your poison right there. If we have Darius in the game to guard him man to man, then Peedi's in a double team. If we keep Laval (Lucas-Perry)…Laval had some troubles defensively a few times. You're banking he's going to make shots and neither one happened."

Question: One of the last possessions where Battle passed it off to (Jeff) Brooks; did you tell your guys to maybe focus more on Battle?

Coach Beilein: "Naw. They were just playing regular help side. Every time Battle takes the ball to the basketball, somebody is going to get into his way. Who hit the shot, Brooks? (Yeah). So we played him as a two, we are going to close. It was a 17 footer. It was a tough shot, but we just had some rough possessions defensively. The ball went off our hands three or four times. This was very close to being a six point win. What did it turn out to be a point four loss, very close, just a couple of plays. When you have off days, when the ball hits off your hands, when the rebounds go off hands and goes out of bounds or you have tough situations you have to clean up some of the imperfections that we have. Tonight, we resorted back to some other. I'll know more before I talk to you on Tuesday."

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