UM Offer Shakes Up State's Top Soph

Orchard Lake St. Mary's LB James "Biggs" Ross is arguably the top player in the State of Michigan's 2012 class. The talented youngster informed GoBlueWolverine that he was supposed to call the Michigan coaching staff last Tuesday to have an important conversation, but wasn't able to. Saturday he finally found out why the Maize & Blue wanted to speak with him, and he was blown away.

Sam Webb:  Tell me how everything went (Saturday).

James Ross Jr.:  "It was great.  It was more than I expected.  Weight training was real crazy bad, but I really enjoyed being in his (Coach Barwis') presence though.  The coaches are real cool."

Sam Webb:  Was that your first time being in Mike Barwis' presence?

James Ross Jr.:  "Yeah my first time.  It was crazy."

Sam Webb:  Was it just a vocal presentation?

James Ross Jr.:  "No, we went through some actions and actually had some of the people demonstrate how they do something.  It was real intense."

Sam Webb:  So your dad told me you received your offer (Saturday).  How was that?  

James Ross Jr.:  "It was real good.  The coaches were talking and then they came over.  I knew something was up because I did not know that I had got offered and when Coach Rodriguez came and talked to me for a while, he told us.  It was just lots of love.  Basically just the facilities they had, everything…  it all really surprised me and I did not know it was like that up there."

Sam Webb:  So that was your first time being up at Michigan?

James Ross Jr.:  "My first time since they've had all the new stuff."

Sam Webb:  What was Coach Rodriguez saying to you?   Beside the offer, did you talk to you about how you'd fit in or maybe the defensive coordinator, did he talk to you about that?

James Ross Jr.:  "The defensive coordinator, we went into his office and he was going through what his defensive scheme was and how it works and everything."

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to interact with any of the players?

James Ross Jr.:  "Actually no not really, not that much.  I know if I keep going up there I'll interact with some.  My mom (who is a teacher at Inkster) actually taught a couple of students up at Michigan.  I know I'll be interacting with them some."

Sam Webb:  What about any of the other recruits?

James Ross Jr.:  "Actually I knew a couple of the recruits.  Some of them I actually played with in Little League."

Sam Webb:  Like Terry Richardson?

James Ross Jr.:  "Terry (Richardson) and Royce Jenkins-Stone, Delonte Hollowell who just committed."

Sam Webb:  So you know Delonte too?

James Ross Jr.:  "Yeah we all played for the Cubs (a Police Athletic League team)."

Sam Webb:  Did you guys ever talk about taking that Westside Cubs thing to college together?

James Ross Jr.:  "Yeah that was always the dream.  We always used to have something; we were all going to college together, we were all going to get a tattoo that said "Cubs For Life."

Sam Webb:  Back to the visit… did you get an academic presentation today?

James Ross Jr.:  "Yeah, it's been the best out of all of them.  (Michigan) has got an academic center that keeps you on track.  The academics are done very well."

Sam Webb:  I do not know if you had any preconceived notions about Michigan or prior impressions, did you have that and did today's visit do anything change those?

James Ross Jr.:  "Yeah.  I really did not like Michigan like that.  I was always an Ohio State guy."

Sam Webb:  So who is your favorite right now?

James Ross Jr.:  "Who's your favorite (laughing)…I do not really have a favorite right now, because of this (visit to Michigan).  It was Ohio State and Michigan State, but this just set it off.  They're all about the same right now for me."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for much more on Ross in the coming days and weeks.

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