UM Makes Strong Impression on Williams (Pt 1)

Holland (OH) Springfield DL Kevin Williams was one of the attendees at Michigan's second winter junior day last Saturday, and the Buckeye State star came away extremely impressed. In part one of our chat with the talented youngster he recaps his interaction with the coaching staff, the players, future visit plans, and more. (Part 1/2)

Sam Webb:  How did your Michigan visit go?

Kevin Williams "That was real nice, real nice.  I really enjoyed that."

Sam Webb:  Who accompanied you on the trip?

Kevin Williams:  "My mom, my dad, my grandma, my little brothers, my little sister and my friend."

Sam Webb:  So take me through the day.  What all did they have you do?

Kevin Williams:  "They gave us a full run through of the academic center, and my grandma, my mom and my whole family really liked that part.  They were really impressive, the football standpoint and all that, but you really expected it because it is the University of Michigan, a big program.  They were really impressed with all the academic help and all that stuff.  We met with the players and the players were just telling us about their experience at the college.  When the coaches left and the players would just be sitting there, they just told us about lifestyle and college life in their eyes.  So we had some one on one time to talk to them and ask them questions and that was really helpful too.  So we had a really good time.  Being able to go out in The Big House before the basketball game, that was really nice."

Sam Webb:  You said something about the coaches stepping out and talking to the players?

Kevin Williams:  "Yeah we all went into the meeting room and the coaches brought up a couple of players like Kevin Koger and all them and the coaches said that we're free to ask them questions and ask them stuff about campus lifestyle or anything that we were wondering.  The coaches said that they were going to leave the room.  They actually left the room and allowed us to have some one on one time with the players, asking players, getting to know them and stuff."

Sam Webb:  Your impressions of the players?

Kevin Williams:  "They were real cool.  They enjoyed being in the program and I could relate to some of them.  One of them, Kevin Koger grew up in the same city as me; he went to one of the rival high schools around here, (Toledo) Whitmer.  I was talking to him a little bit because he actually played his senior year as my freshman year and I remember watching him play and stuff."

Sam Webb:  Did you get any one on one time with any members of the coaching staff?

Kevin Williams:  "Yeah.  I got a lot of one on one time with Coach Rodriguez actually.  I sat right next to him at the game and stuff; it was nice."

Sam Webb:  What did he say and what where your impressions of him after spending time with him?

Kevin Williams:  "He's really cool.  He's real down to earth.  He's not your typical coach.  He's more of a guy that it seems like you could relate to.  He's a guy that I could really see myself playing for."

Sam Webb:  What about the defensive coordinator or any defensive coach; did you get a feel of how and where they want to use you?

Kevin Williams:  "Oh most definitely.  When we split up and went into individual meeting rooms and stuff with our individual position coaches, Coach Tall is my defensive line coach and he was just going over some of their schemes and stuff.  I fit really well with their defensive scheme, definitely.  I really liked it."

Sam Webb:  A couple of things that I need for you to clear up for me.  I received a lot of questions about the last interview I did with you when it comes to which college program you favored growing up.  In one piece, it really talked about how your dad graduated from Michigan State and that was a big deal.  In another piece you said you always grew up a Michigan fan.  Then when I look back at my notes in my interview with you that you grew up a Notre Dame fan. Which is it?

Kevin Williams:  "I was always both except for on the day of Michigan versus Notre Dame.  I would have to take the Notre Dame side on that when I was growing up.  They were both my two favorites.  I started liking Michigan when I was probably in fourth or fifth grade.  My friend took me down for a Michigan-Ohio State basketball game.  After the basketball game, it was still kind of warm out and they let us out on the field and we were running around the field and stuff and I liked it."  

Sam Webb:  Now that you've been to Michigan, met the coaches, and gotten the academic presentation… is that it as far as Michigan visits are concerned?  Will you be visiting Michigan again in the future?  I know there are other campuses you want to get out to. 

Kevin Williams:  "Oh yes.  I'll definitely be back on Michigan's campus sometime.  I do not know when, but we were just talking about it as a family that we definitely need to go back to Michigan, because I'm trying to build a relationship with Coach Rodriguez and Coach Tall and all them."

Sam Webb:  You still have to make it to Ohio State, right?

Kevin Williams:  "Yes.  I'm going to Ohio State Monday March 1st."

Sam Webb:  Have they said any more to you about an offer yet, or is that something they're waiting for you to come on campus and talk about?

Kevin Williams:  "Yes, that's what I think is going to happen on March 1st."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part two of this feature in which Williams shares his family's impressions of the visit.

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