UM Makes Strong Impression on Williams (Pt 2)

In part two of our chat with Holland (OH) Springfield DL Kevin William, the talented youngster shares his family's thoughts on visite to Michigan and Michigan State and more. (Part 2/2)

Sam Webb:  I know you traveled to Michigan State on Sunday with your Mom and stepdad, so I'm going to put you in a little different position now.  I want you to tell me what the people with you are saying about the schools.  We'll start off with your parents first since they went on both visits.  What have they had to say about Michigan and Michigan State, starting with your stepdad?

Kevin Williams:  "Michigan State – He's a huge Michigan State fan of course (He's an MSU grad). He really liked Michigan State.  He was impressed with the coaching staff.  He was really impressed with Michigan too, surprisingly.  He really liked Michigan.  He's not biased about it either.  It's not like he wants me to go to Michigan State because he went to Michigan State.  It has nothing to do with it at all.  That has nothing to do with his decision with his choice and my choice.  It does not influence it at all.  He actually liked Michigan a lot.  A lot."

Sam Webb:  What about your mom; what did she have to say about Michigan State and then about Michigan?

Kevin Williams:  "She liked both of them as well.  She definitely liked both coaching staffs.  She was really impressed with Coach Rodriguez that was her main thing.  She could not stop talking about him on the way home.  Just how down to earth he was, everything like that.  She was really impressed with him.  Coach Treadwell from Michigan State, she was really impressed with him too."

Sam Webb:  Getting to the individuals that were with you on the Michigan visit but not Michigan State; what about grandma?

Kevin Williams:  "Oh yeah, she was really hyped up on Michigan.  She was really hyped up on Michigan, especially the academic part that just blew her away.  She even said that if she could stay in there she would.  She loved it.  I've never seen her excited about something like that in my life."

Sam Webb:  Had she gone on any of the other visits or was this her first?

Kevin Williams:  "Actually as a matter of fact she did, she went to Ohio State.  She actually told me that she liked that a lot better than Ohio State."

Sam Webb:  What about your friend who came along with you?

Kevin Williams:  "He's a huge Ohio State fan, but he was on the way back, he was telling me, ‘if you go down to Ohio State I hope you have a better time, but I doubt that's possible because that was sweet as heck.  I do not know if they can compete because that was nice.' "

Sam Webb:  You had a full visit experience.  We know you are going to go back to Michigan State.  We know you are going to go back to Michigan.  You have Ohio State on March 1st; are you going to go anywhere else before you make your decision?

Kevin Williams:  "Yeah.  Hopefully a couple of other schools should be coming in within the next couple of weeks or so.  So if maybe Florida, Notre Dame or Alabama come in, I'll definitely be trying to go see there too."

Sam Webb:  Have any of those schools been talking to you here or is that something that is going to be new that those schools start to talk to you now?

Kevin Williams:  "Oh no, they've been talking.  They're supposed to offer."

Sam Webb:  You are planning on having your decision made by the end of the spring.  Now that you have been to a few places do you have any more of an idea of what it is going to take for one school to win out over all the others?

Kevin Williams:  "I really do not know yet what it will take.  I do not think at this point…all of them are really nice and all of them are really good schools to me right now.  I think it is just going to have to be that gut feeling.  You know where you want to be.  It's not so much what the coaches can do for you…which it is.  It's a lot about that but it is more about personal feeling.  If I know this is right for me."

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