Hamilton Impressed With Michigan (Pt 2)

In this second part of the interview, the Strongsville (OH) tight end talks more specifically on his feelings for Michigan, who he bonded with, and what the Wolverines have done so far in his recruitment.

(Ray Hamilton interview: Part One)

For Ray Hamilton himself, the visit wasn't all about his parent's attention to Michigan. He got to really get the feel for what it'd be like to be a Wolverine, and that started with quite a bit of bonding time with his position coach, who also happens to be the offensive coordinator, Calvin Magee.

"First, he opened the door for me at the football facilities, and right there we were talking and we just got a good chance to talk. We kind of just ended up spending the whole day together. After I was done with the academic part, we got a chance to go break down some film and they split us off with our position coaches, me, him, my parents and Coach Rodriguez. He was just dissecting the film and how'd they use me and just showing me and proving to me they use the tight end. It's unique, but they do indeed use it and they're starting to incorporate the tight end more into the offense."

"After that, Coach Magee got to eat dinner together, and it wasn't even a recruiting thing. We just started building a relationship. We talked about stuff off the field and what we were interested in, the family part and all of that. After that we went over to the basketball game and we had our seats right next to each other, so we spent the whole basketball game together and we talked about how we both played basketball. He was a heck of a basketball player too, and he was telling me that he was going to get me one on one and he was going to beat me. It was just a good, genuine relationship that we've built the foundation for and I'm looking forward to going from there."

Magee's showing Hamilton the tape of how Michigan's spread attack uses their tight end belied any questions on whether a tight end could succeed within the U-M offense.

"The film doesn't lie, so them showing me what I'd do on the film was really cool. They use it in a unique way, but at the same time, it may not show, but you have to be unselfish and still throw that block downfield and move all around the backfield and being flexed out. You may not be getting every catch, but you're still actively involved in the offense."

Hamilton also got the feel of what it'd be like to be a Wolverine off the field, taking in the basketball atmosphere, as well as what the campus is like on a weekend.

"I got good vibes. The fans are really intense. They're into their Wolverines, even though they had a tough game against Penn State that night. You could just feel the campus, as it was a Saturday night and the students were out and active and lively."

The campus itself did a nice job on selling Hamilton.

"I enjoyed it. It was a big campus, and so I liked that. Just the facilities and academics part was pretty unbelievable stuff."

While Hamilton adamantly and honestly remains completely open in his recruitment, it's no question that the Wolverines certainly did their part in giving Hamilton the red carpet treatment.

"Yeah, they did a great job. Whether it was showing me stuff in the classroom or building a relationship with the coaches, everything was positive there. It was just an overall great day."

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