Lawrence Thomas talks recruiting

The State's top prospect talks to GoBlueWolverine's Sam Webb about Michigan, his visits, his college position … and his leader.

Sam Webb: You got some SEC offers here recently?

Lawrence Thomas: "Yeah LSU, Georgia and Tennessee."

Sam Webb: Obviously things have blown up for you on a national level much more so than your past teammates. What does that do for your timeline? Your teammates decided early. Because you're blowing up a little bit bigger, are you going to wait it out a little bit?

Lawrence Thomas: : "I'm not going to do it early, but I ain't going to wait either. I'd like to wait and make my decision my senior year. I might give it a couple more months."

Sam Webb: I know you've taken a few visits; do you have any visits scheduled right now?

Lawrence Thomas: : "Me and my family were talking about going to Ohio State sometime in March. We was talking about going down to Florida. When we were down there in Florida we was talking about going to Florida and Miami. Other than that I do not have any visits scheduled."

Sam Webb: Last week or the week before, you made sort of an impromptu, just spur of the visit to Michigan; what was behind that and what did you do when you were up here?

Lawrence Thomas: : "We just walked around, we were in Coach Rod's office… we was looking the team meeting room. We really weren't doing nothing because we had to leave. I just came up here just to see the building."

Sam Webb: Did you get a chance to talk to the D-coordinator any?

Lawrence Thomas: : "Yeah we talked to him for like five minutes. He was just saying where he was going to play me at and everything."

Sam Webb: What position were they talking about?

Lawrence Thomas: : "Middle linebacker, but he said if I got any bigger I could play defensive end."

Sam Webb: How do you feel about that? I know you play in the middle right now but looking at you body wise you're getting bigger. Would you be open to playing defensive end?

Lawrence Thomas: : "I ain't trying to learn defensive end. I've playing middle linebacker all my life. That's just a big adjustment for me. I just got to keep it solid at linebacker. I want to get bigger going into my freshman year at college but right now I just want to stay around the 235 level, manage my weight and everything."

Sam Webb: What are your mom and dad saying about the process right now?

Lawrence Thomas: : "They said it's crazy. I've been getting interviews every day. When I do not answer my phone, they call my mom and them. It's crazy."

Sam Webb: Who are the top schools on your list and is Michigan State still the favorite?

Lawrence Thomas: : "Yeah Michigan State still my favorite because they showing me most interest. I really do not have any top schools right now."

Sam Webb: What is going to take for another school to sort of make you feel as comfortable as obviously you do at Michigan State?

Lawrence Thomas: : "First of all they have to show an interest. I've got to have a bond with the coaches. If the coaches do not come to my school and the coaches do not seem like they're interested in me, I'm not really going to be interested in that school. I've got to have a bond with the coaches first and foremost. I got to know I'm going to get playing time."

Sam Webb: Is there particular kind of defense or style of defense that you are looking for?

Lawrence Thomas: : "No it does not really even matter. I just got to get some playing time."

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