Shaq Washington talks MI Showcase, Recruiting

The Ohio slot receiver talks his performance at the Michigan Showcase Sunday, about the positions he might play at the college level, and about Michigan and the other schools recruiting him.

Question: How do you feel that you did out there?

Shaquille Washington: "I feel like I did pretty well. I couldn't be up to my best ability, hip flexor started pulling up, but I felt like I did the best I could though."

Question: What do you think about Michigan's facilities?

Shaq Washington: "It looks nice up here. I feel like this could really be a place that I could see myself playing at due to the facility and the coaching staff."

Question: The last time we talked you had on a whole lot of O-State gear. Will the fact that you're a Buckeye fan hold you back from a school like Michigan?

Shaq Washington: "Oh no not at all, not at all. I do not think that is something that would hold me back. Michigan actually fits my style of school that I would really be looking for more."

Question: How do you see yourself fitting in at Michigan?

Shaq Washington: "I feel I could play in the slot and add another dimension to the offense. I'm a downfield threat with playmaker ability when I have the ball in my hands. Anything that I could do to help the team."

Question: What has Michigan kind of told you about what they are recruiting you as and how they are going utilize you in the offense?

Shaq Washington: : "As a slot receiver and a special team player, basically that's about it."

Question: Where did they tell you that you would be at on special teams? Returning kicks?

Shaq Washington: "Yeah, return the kicks, kick return and punt return."

Question: Do you do any of that for Maple Heights or do they not let you because you're the star quarterback?

Shaq Washington: "They try not to let me, but in the state championship game, they finally let me play punt return so I was happy with that."

Question: How do you feel you did with that?

Shaq Washington: "I only got two punt returns. I did little moves and got some opening."

Question: What do you know about Michigan's coaching staff right now? How much contact have you guys been in so far?

Shaq Washington: "Not a lot. I receive a lot of mail and I got to meet Coach Rodriguez two times last year and then the first game of the season and it seems like he's a pretty nice guy."

Question: They invited you up for junior day and obviously you did not get a chance to make it. Are you going to try and make it back up for the Night of Champions on March 13th?

Shaq Washington: "Yeah. I'm definitely going to try and make it up for that."

Question: What other junior days and different events do you have planned for yourself coming up in the next couple of months?

Shaq Washington: "I think I'm going to try and make it up to Michigan State and West Virginia in the next couple of visits for basically unofficial visits basically."

Question: Obviously you plan on being on the Raw Talent bus tour. Where are you guys going to be headed from there?

Shaq Washington: "We are going to Indiana, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Oregon, Oregon State, everywhere…West Virginia, Cincinnati, all around. We are definitely doing Michigan seven on seven."

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