Badger Sport 7-7 NE Regional All Tourney Team

Eugene Hankerson was there -- and here is his Badger Sport 7 on 7 North East Regional All Tournament Team, with scouting reports. There are several U-M targets in the group.

First Team: Offense QB - Zach Dancel - Good Counsel (MD)

Under sized, but displayed pinpoint accuracy all weekend long. Doesn't have the strong arm, but he makes up for it because of his ability to recognize coverage and quickly get the ball out of his hands.

RB - Darius Jennings – Gilman (MD)

Being one of hottest prospects in the country made many curious to see how well Jennings would perform in setting which featured elite talent. It was Jennings playmaking ability out of the backfield that opened up the deep passing game for Maryland Team One. Standing at 6'0" even, Jennings caught the ball well, but it was his elusiveness after the catch that found him in the endzone so many times. Jennings running style is nearly identical to former Michigan Wolverine and current Arizona Cardinal receiver Steve Breaston.

WR – Stefon Diggs – Good Counsel (MD)

Only a rising junior, one could argue that Stefon Diggs was the best player on the field last weekend. Diggs is explosive, and never allows cornerbacks to get into his body when attempting to jam him at the line of scrimmage. He's a spectacular receiver in the long and short passing game. I can't recall how many times he hauled in the deep ball for touchdowns, or caught a pass 5-10 yards from scrimmage, and used a variety of moves to shake off defenders for huge gains. He reminds me of a bigger Chris Dunkley. The downside to Diggs game is that he's cocky, and led the tournament in penalties because of his behavior after he made a play.

WR – Miles Shuler – Long Branch (NJ)

Another prospect that had a lot of questions surrounding his game due to his lack of experience at the receiver position. All questions should be answered, as Shuler looked liked a natural. He has great hands, runs good routes, and was much too fast for opposing defenses. Once the ball is in hands, he just runs away from people. What may have been even more impressive, is the versatility to Shuler's game. On Sunday, his New Jersey 1 team defensive backfield began to struggle. Shuler quickly flipped over to the defensive side of the ball, and locked up every receiver he faced. His physical style at the line of scrimmage, and ability to turn and run with anyone was jaw dropping.

WR – Damiere Byrd – Timber Creek (NJ)

Byrd showed excellent straight line speed, and he's just one those guys that you can never over throw. He has an uncanny ability to pinpoint the football, and run it down before anybody else can get close. Despite his size, Byrd showed toughness over the middle and caught the ball in traffic consistently. Byrd does not have a big frame, so I'm not sure of how much weight he could carry without it affecting his speed.

TE – Tanner McEvoy – Bergen Catholic (NJ)

There may not be a red zone target in the country. Time and time again, McEvoy proved that if you throw the football anywhere near his vicinity, he's going to catch the football. He made circus type catches look routinely easy. Although he stands 6'5" and a little over 200 pounds, McEvoy was more fluid than you'd expect in his route running. The only question remaining is will he grow into a tight end, or develop his skills as a receiver.

First Team: Defense LB – Darien Harris – DeMatha (MD)

Harris currently has just one offer from Syracuse; I'd expect that to change soon. There is no doubt that he was one of the best players on hand this past weekend. Harris is great lateral movement, and enough speed to be effective in pass coverage in 1 on 1 situations. So much so, that he often ended opposing teams drives when they attempted to throw at him. If Harris film illustrates that he plays well against the run, look for his ranking and offer list to rise.

LB – Connor Crowell – North Point (MD)

Crowell has a great frame, and excellent lower body strength. He was able to run and cover better than you'd expect from a linebacker. Crowell got his hands on a number passes, shortening possessions, and getting his defense off the field.

DB – Albert Louis Jean – Brockton (MA)

It's clear that Louis Jean is not ducking competition. He has now competed at the US Army combine, the Premiere Showcase, and the Badger Sport 7 on 7 tournament. Once again, he was one of the defensive backs on hand. Louis Jean is unique because he has great size for a corner, and he has good enough hips to remain at the position on the next level. He was able to overpower receivers at the line, and redirect their routes.

DB – Blake Countess – Good Counsel (MD)

It shouldn't take long to figure out that Blake Countess is a lockdown corner. Unfortunately, it took quarterbacks a little too long to catch on. Countess continued his excellent play on the heels of a standout performance at the Premiere Showcase. Countess isn't going to wow you with size or explosiveness, but what you will notice is a corner who is fundamentally sound and contest every pass thrown his way as if it was intended for him. I haven't seen anybody better.

DB – Demetrious Nicholson – Bayside (VA)

After being crowned the MVP at the Premiere Showcase the week before, Nicholson had little reason to make a return trip to Rutgers last weekend for the Badger Sport 7 on 7 tournament. Nicholson shined once again, although he did give up a few big plays. So he's normal! Nicholson's backpedal and short area burst allow him to run with receivers step for step in pass coverage. His best asset is his ability to break on the ball, causing him to have a high number of pass break ups.

DB – Terrell Chestnut – Pottsgrove (PA)

Chestnut started off slow at corner, as he wasn't able to get in on much action due passes not being thrown his way. After making the switch to safety, Chestnut immediately began making plays. Chestnut was vocal leader of a less than stellar Delaware team. When he wasn't talking, his play was. Chestnut reads routes well, and was able to jump a few for interceptions. He showed why he's one of the top players in Pennsylvania.

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