Beilein Talks B10 Tourney, MSU Game

Coach Beilein looks ahead to the Big Ten Tournament which starts Thursday, and he looks back to that MSU thingie.

Question: What do you learn from this game going into the tournament?

Coach Beilein: "I told our players, a little bit of what happened to Minnesota against us at our last home game. Michigan State is a very good team. They're obviously better than us and they certainly played like it today. These types of days…we'll have two days to get ready. We'll have Tuesday and Wednesday to get ready. We just got to move rid of it and move on to what I assume is Iowa if I knew who we were going to play. You got to move on from games like this."

Question: On what he'll work on with his team heading into the Big Ten Tournament…

Coach Beilein: "I know there are going to be some things. We had 19 turnovers. That is a big story in this game for a team that stays in games by not turning it over. So 19 turnovers I think led to 23 of their points and that wasn't the only difference in the game but that was big. With our size, we can't do that and win and we certainly did that today. We'll address the things that we'll try to fix by that time."

Question: On putting the Michigan State game behind them and focusing on the Big Ten tournament….

Coach Beilein: "You have to separate it. You have to separate it. You go into this that there are four games that teams do win and you got to put it all together and just try and take it one game at a time. There is Iowa and then there is somebody else."

Question: Coach how would you compare your program right now with Michigan State's?

Coach Beilein: "We lost to by one at home and we lost to them by 20 here. I do not know what we do. I just know we're trying to get better and trying to get better. We had a little plan and we're working on it and I'm very confident in the plan."

Question: It seems like they were very physical at the beginning of the game.

Coach Beilein: "They're super physical. They're probably the most physical team we play. It is a concern of mine two ways. 1) We have to get more physical and I must be teaching some different things in basketball physical defense because we do not grab people a lot, not that they were grabby, just a lot of physical play that goes on. I wish the game could be called tighter at times but that's the way it's done. It was called tight at the beginning."

Question: Can you talk about Raymar Morgan?

Coach Beilein: "He's just a bad matchup for us at the four man. That's the direction we have to go in. We need to get a 6'8" four man. We got a 6'4" guy over there. Then we try to play our big guys together and it is not really their most comfortable position sometimes. He's terrific. In each one of our losses to them, he's been huge."

Question: After the close game in Ann Arbor, you're level of disappointment that that this game was over very quickly.

Coach Beilein: "Yeah it was really disappointing, frustrating, disappointing, never discouraging. We just got to keep on working. It was over real early and like I said, credit their defense and physicality that somehow we just gave into it and gave them easy points, transition baskets, easy baskets. We do not usually give that up. That can be one of our only plans right now when you are so small you got to spread people out, take care of the basketball, make open shots but we did not do much of that today."

Question: The first four minutes of the second half…

Coach Beilein: "Four turnovers to start it."

Question: …was that the most disappointing because you kind of had a chance to regroup and then…?

Coach Beilein: "There was a lot of disappointing things but that was disappointing for us. It virtually put the game out of reach. The last four minutes of the first half as well. It was 12 or 14 and we thought we had a chance to be under ten. We've been down like that before. Those four minutes and the last four were awful for us."

Question: Can you call on your roots that you got to win the tournament to get where you want type of thing?

Coach Beilein: "They're not used to that. They're not used to that. That's the way I've been coaching most of my time. I think there was two times last year and at West Virginia. I think we went to championship to get in there. It has been the way it's always been. It's tough to do. Obviously with a four game tournament it is harder to do than a three game tournament."

Question: Can you update us on the Jordan Morgan situation?

Coach Beilein: "He hurt his shoulder fairly significant in practice two days ago. I do not know what the plan is but there is a very good chance of an operation. Blake McLimans sprained his ankle badly in practice yesterday. I do not think he'll be available as well."

Question: On the Michigan State's defense against Manny Harris…

Coach Beilein: "They play great individual defense. They key on him and gap off him. He had five assists. He gave up the ball very well sometimes, but they really gapped in there on him and made it difficulty for him to get anywhere. This is as good a defense as there is in the country. We weren't very good today."

Question: More on the Spartans' ability to limit Harris to 1/10 shooting and four points…

Coach Beilein: "There are some times when they go under a ball screen and he's got to shoot the ball and he still has times where he does not recognize that sometimes or when he gets into the lane, he needs to have a 15 foot jump shot that he rises up a

nd shoots, does not do that enough. He is still a guy that likes to take it to the hole or dish. The in between game is something he has got to spend the whole summer on." Question: On whether his team was physically intimidated by Michigan State…

Coach Beilein: "You'd have to ask them. They are very physical with you and it is difficulty I'm sure for some of our guys either because of their body type or mental type, it is tough sometimes to hand in there. We fought right to the end and we did not give up. They're just stronger than us, 240, 230, 240. We got the one guy at 230 and Zach Gibson weighs the same as he did three years ago at 225. It is just hard and then 205 and 180. It's hard."

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