Badger Sport 7-7 NE Regional 2nd Team

GoBlueWolverine's Eugene Hankerson hit the road recently for the Badger Sport 7 on 7 North East Regional -- and here is his All Tournament 2nd Team, with scouting reports. There are several U-M targets in the group.

Those that missed part the All Tournamnet 1st team can click here.

Second Team:  Offense
QB – Gary Nova – Don Bosco Prep (NJ)
Nova has great size; he already has the look of a college bound quarterback.  His play throughout the tournament was stellar.  Nova flashed a live arm and good mechanics.  He was able to identify and hit open windows as quickly as defenses revealed them.  Nova was at his best when throwing the long ball; he showed great touch and allowed his speedy receivers to run under his passes.

RB - Savon Huggins – Saint Peters Prep (NJ)
As a surprise to many, Huggins could have easily made the first team, but on the defensive side of the ball.  He showed up at the last minute Saturday morning, and quickly became the leader of the New Jersey defense.  I'd rank him as of the elite trash in the tournament, as he was always jawing at somebody. That said, Huggins is a great talent, he caught the ball well out of the backfield, and his start and stop moves made defenders look silly.

WR - Bill Belton – Winslow Township (NJ)
Another player that has a great argument for first team status is Bill Belton.  Belton is an explosive receiver with great speed and elite quicks.  What separates him from his counterparts is his ability to take short passes and turn them into big gains.  Belton also has a sturdy, powerful build, and the frame to add more weight if necessary.  He's a top flight BCS level talent, and his offer list should resemble that soon.

WR - Cyrus Jones – Gilman (MD)
Jones is a rising junior, but you couldn't tell by watching him play.  He's quick, and fluid in his routes, and attacks the ball once it's in the air.  He's type of player that if you don't make contact with him immediately after he catches the ball, don't bother chasing because you're not going to catch him.  Jones may have run the best routes in the tournament. 

WR – Ryan Burbrink – DeMatha (MD)
The Wes Welker of high school football?  That's the word being tossed around by teammates and opponents.  It may be a lofty comparison, but there is no doubt Burbrink is a playmaker.  Despite his diminutive size, Burbrink was able to create separation, and run wild through the secondary.

TE – Vincent Groce – Good Counsel (MD)
The big fella didn't have a lot of balls thrown his way, but took advantage of the few he did get.  Quarterbacks threw Groce fades and lob passes that only he could go up and get.  The result was a high number of touchdowns per catch ratio.  Groce appeared to be weighing in the 240-250 range, and there is talk that he'll play tight end at the next level.  

Second Team:  Defense
LB – Quentin Gause – Bishop Kearney (NY)
I've stated in the past how Quentin Gause is one of the more physically imposing prospects in the country.  That and his ability to play in space are at a premium for players at his position.  Gause covers ground like a safety, and has excellent instincts.  He reads coverage's well, and used that knowledge to direct teammates defensively.           

 LB – Elbie Williams – DeMatha (MD)
Most likely the heaviest linebacker on hand, Williams was the vocal leader of a Maryland Team 2 that literally willed themselves to the tournament title.  Williams got good enough depth on his drops to be in on a number of plays, which led to tipped balls and a couple interceptions.  Surprisingly, he doesn't have any offers at this time. 

DB – Desmon Peoples – St. Joes Prep (PA)
Listed as an athlete, the class of 2012 prospect saw action of both sides of the ball, but made more of an impact on defense.  Lacking ideal height, Peoples made up for it by playing aggressive, and using his speed to drive hard towards the ball.  He gave up a few plays, but blanketed receivers for the most part.

DB – Ronald Baines- Eastern (NJ)
Baines may not be a great fit as a cover two corner, but he's excellent in bump and run corner.  Baines allowed quarterbacks to connect with receivers for completions in front of him in the short passing game, but did a great of breaking up go routes, fades, and post patterns.  He has good size for a corner, but needs to improve flexibility and quickness.

DB –Brandon Peoples – Abington (PA)
Talent runs in the family, and as Brandon is the cousin of Desmon.  He doesn't have ideal height, but the class of 2012 corner is a fighter.  Peoples doesn't back down from anyone, no matter how good the competition may be.  He bullied receivers at the line, then smartly used the sidelines as his friend, applied leverage, and drove them out of bounds.  Peoples was always in position to make a play on the ball.

DB – Sheldon Royster – Saint Peters Prep (NJ)
Royster is the total package, a safety that can cover the pass and support the run.  He has a great frame, and the potential to add more.  Royster was like a center fielder, using his eyes to track down passes from sideline to sideline.  He displayed some versatility, flipping over to offense and catching a few passes as a receiver.

Honorable Mention:  Offense
QB Skyler Mornhinweg, RB Sacoy Malone, WR Quran Kent, WR Jesstin Hamm, WR Jalen Strong-Rankin

Honorable Mention:  Defense
LB Maika Polamula, LB James Faircloth, DB Anthony Cooper, DB English Peay, DB Kyle Laporte, DB Devonte Jones


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