Would Fla. Swingman Rod Days go North?

The 6-6 sophomore Florida swingman with an impressive early-offer list talks about the attention he has been getting attention from the Wolverines.

Sam Webb: I've been hearing that Michigan is one of the schools showing you a lot of love lately. Is that true??

Rod Days: "Yeah, they're recruiting me. They're on my list."

Sam Webb: Have they been down to your school to see you play or anything like that?

Rod Days: "Yes. I think the assistant coach has been. Mahoney. He calls me. His one call a month he gets, he calls me. We stay in touch."

Sam Webb: How long has Michigan been on you?

Rod Days: "Probably a month or two months now."

Sam Webb: Have you gotten a chance to talk to the head coach, Coach Beilein yet?

Rod Days: "Yeah I have."

Sam Webb: What did he say to you?

Rod Days: "He told me that his interest level is high and they are excited about recruiting me."

Sam Webb: So tell me about your game. What is your skill set like?

Rod Days: "I'm a slasher. I like to get to the basket."

Sam Webb: Have you watched Michigan play very much on television over the past couple of years?

Rod Days: "Yeah. I've seen my share of games."

Sam Webb: What do you think of their offense and how do you think that you would fit into it?

Rod Days: "Their offense is not just run and gun all the day but when they are in a half court set, it fits me well, because they way they still try to attack the basket in the half court set when they can't get out and run."

Sam Webb: I was looking around and did a little research before I called you and I see there are a number of schools on your list, but I really did not see Michigan as being one of the ones being listed. That's why I was asking at the beginning; is it the case that there are other schools right now that are standing out for you?

Rod Days: "No. Everything is open right now still."

Sam Webb: So who are some of the other schools that you're considering at this point?

Rod Days: "Let's see, there is Michigan, Richmond, South Carolina, Wake Forest, Miami, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Arizona State; I think that is about it."

Sam Webb: Have any of those schools offered you scholarships yet?

Rod Days: "Yeah, all of them."

Sam Webb: What about getting out to visit these schools; have you been out to see any of them yet?

Rod Days: "I've been to South Carolina. I went over there last summer and I'm trying to get to all of them this summer."

Sam Webb: I imagine that is kind of difficult with AAU; do you think you are going to be able to squeeze them all in?

Rod Days: "Not all of them, but I'm going to try and get to most of them."

Sam Webb: When you do it, is it going to be unofficial visits or are you going to try and take in a couple of camps? I know a lot of these schools have camps that they put on.

Rod Days: "I did not even think about that. I might do that too and be able to check out a couple of schools while I do that, go to a couple of camps."

Sam Webb: What are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

Rod Days: "First is the academics, the academics of the school and know that the school and style of play; basically all of them are my style of play so it comes down to the school, how I liked it, academic part and the campus life."

Sam Webb: Do you know much about Michigan other than the games that you saw them play on TV?

Rod Days: "Not too much, no."

Sam Webb: So nothing about the academics or anything like that there?

Rod Days: "No not really."

Sam Webb: Switching gears… tell me how things have been going on the hoop court this season?

Rod Days: "We just finished last weekend. We lost in our semifinal game. The rest of the season went real good. We played a lot of the top ranked teams this year."

Sam Webb: Do you remember what your averages were?

Rod Days: "15 points and seven or eight rebounds I think, seven rebounds."

Sam Webb: You got a long way to go. I know I asked you what the factors in your decision is going to be; do you have sort of a timeline for when you like your process to end?

Rod Days: "I'm pretty sure that I'll decide in the summer."

Sam Webb: Oh this summer.

Rod Days: "Yeah."

Sam Webb: Is distance from home going to be a factor for you?

Rod Days: "No it's not a factor for me."

Sam Webb: I gotta ask you: mommas do not like their babies to go far away from home.

Rod Days: "(Laughter)."

Sam Webb: You a Florida guy, what about the cold weather is that going to be a factor?

Rod Days: "That might be actually. I'm a pretty boy. I do not like the cold (laughing)."

Sam Webb: Have you thought about if you end up playing in the NBA for say, the New York Knicks?

Rod Days: "Yeah… I've got to deal with it some time (laughter)."

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