Former NBA player talks Michigan basketball

Tim Hardaway Sr., former NBA player and all-star is a radio color analyst here at the Big Ten tournament. GBW caught up with him yesterday to get his opinion on Michigan basketball and his son (Tim Hardaway Jr.).

The Wolverines pulled out a first round victory yesterday over Iowa before losing their heartbreaker to OSU today -- and Tim Hardaway Sr. had a firsthand look at the school his son will be attending next year. The former NBA star also likes the way Michigan's offense run.

"I like the way Michigan plays in Coach Beilein's offense -- there is constant movement withoutthe ball. The kids just need to stick with the game plan. In Michigan's offense the players can be interchangeable out on the floor."

Hardaway has observed Coach Beilein for quite some time since his West Virginia days, and appreciates what Michigan's head man is trying to do with the team. The two have also developed a relationship with each other.

"Coach Beilein is all about getting kids to work harder on their games on working to be the player they need to be. I liked him at West Virginia and how hard his teams played then and now (at Michigan). We have a great relationship, and we talk basketball from time to time. I like Coach Beilein".

Michigan signed young Hardaway because they were the first college that was on him early and that sealed the deal before other teams had a chance to move in. "Michigan was on him early other schools had not stepped in at that time. So when the other schools started come around my son already knew where he wanted to be and that was Michigan."

With his son attending Michigan next year, Hardaway Sr. feels that his son is well prepared for the Wolverines style of play.

"He is very good at moving without the ball as well as pick and roll situations. He shoots the ball very well and he knows how to get into the lane to score or pass to an open teammate."

Hardaway also talked about teams buying into what coaches are teaching so the teams continue to have overall success.

"You look at teams this year in college all over the country that have underachieved and maybe it is because they are not totally buying in to what their coaches are saying. Some of these players are reading their press clippings a little too much. Players need to work on understanding the game more, stop using excuses and work harder at playing better."

Tim Hardaway still has a fire for the game of basketball!

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