Arnett Sees Different Side of Michigan

Flanked by his older brother Ralph, Saginaw wideout DeAnthony Arnett travelled to Ann Arbor yesterday for Michigan's annual Night of Champions. The four-star wideout saw a part of Michigan and its coaching staff that he hadn't seen before, and the experience made a very strong impression.

Sam Webb:  How was the Night of Champions?  What did you see?  

Ralph Arnett:  "They do little competition drills like the fastest man competition for the big man, I think Coach Rod said anybody over 270.  They didn't look like they was over 270 if you ask me because everybody so damn fast!  Then he had all the skill guys race in the fastest man competition.  Then they had like a vertical thing where they trying to jump on these things.  I do not know what they were, jump as high as they can and land on them."

Sam Webb:  Was it like boxes that they were jumping on?

Ralph Arnett:  "Yeah, yep.  They would jump up on them.  What else did they have, one man had to carry another man and they had to sprint all the way down – it was fun. Then they did the tug-o-war with the big old rope.  That was cool.  You could tell that they were having fun with it.  It was cool.  It was different, real different.  You do not really see that.   The way they tied it in with their winter practices/conditioning or whatever.  It's a great way to end that.  It does not get no better than that."

Sam Webb:  What do you know now or what do you feel now, and  same thing with D (DeAnthony Arnett), that maybe you didn't before this latest visit?

Ralph Arnett:  "That Coach Rod is a real cool guy.  Coach Rod is a cool down to earth guy.  We've never, ever had a chance to sit down and kick it one-on-one and talk for as long as we did this time.  Rich Rod is a really cool guy.  He's a regular person.  The media wants to crucify him and people want to say this or that, but at the end of day he tries to do what he knows how to do best.  That's his goal.  He ain't going to let nobody stop him.  He's going to try to do what he needs to do to get Michigan back to where it should be.  He tried his hardest but he wants to piece it the way he wants to piece it.  This ain't Lloyd Carr.  He wants to do this his way, which is understandable.  They gave him the job, they felt like he was the right man, and I feel like he deserves a chance honestly.  Just from kicking it with him I think he's getting everything he wants in there.  I feel like they do want DeAnthony to be a part of it in a big way.  He's getting everything he needs.  He feels like he's got his quarterbacks now and he says that he needs some guys on the perimeter in the wide receiver spot, some speed out there.  He feels that DeAnthony would be the perfect fit for that."

Sam Webb:  Did he or any of the coaches talk to you all about how they want to use DeAnthony?  

Ralph Arnett:  "They just told us mainly that they want him to play both slot and outside.  They will move him around.  It is just like mainly on the outside because he has the speed that can do that.  I think with them watching more and more film they believe he can do that.  DeAnthony has grown, he's about 6'1" now.  He's about my height.  So they're looking at more film and the more film that they see they see DeAnthony can play the slot and perimeter, but he's more of an outside receiver.  Because of how good he runs his routes and how good he can get separation on the outside.  Then they see what he can do when he gets the ball in space.  Coach Dews and Coach Magee was just explaining to us.  ‘We can use him – he's perfect.  We can use him at both spots in the inside and outside.'  With the lack of communication about that that was going on at the beginning, I just think they're just put themselves in a really good position with him.  It can build something from there.  They're coming back and they coming back in a strong way in DeAnthony's heart as far as his recruitment.  I can't lie.  That's the vibe that I get from D.  They continue to keep building that relationship with him and everything will fall into place, and we'll see where it goes from there.  Like I tell any coach, I ain't going to push him to any school.  I ain't going to school for four years – he is.  The coaches have to recruit them.  I'm going to be honest with a coach up front.  We wouldn't have gone down there if he did not have any interest in him or like him or anything like that.  Michigan is too close, right down the street, an hour away from home.  We can't not look at that.  Even though distance is not a factor but a great University like Michigan, you can't ignore that."

Sam Webb:  Was there anything in particular that they said that hammered home to you or to D that he was really wanted?

Ralph Arnett:  "I just think the time that they were willing to spend with us after the event.  Not nothing they really said but just showing, just wanting to kick it, just wanting to sit down and kick it.  Let's just get to know each other as people.  Let's throw this football stuff out of the way.  We talked about everything.  We talked about a ton of basketball stuff.  We talked about some football stuff, family, just everything.  That was key, that was key.  That's what they need to continue to do.  They need to continue to talk him in that way.  I can just say they saying the right things and they doing the right things.  Despite what other people are saying about the program, it's a great program and Rich Rod is doing his best."

Sam Webb:  Has DeAnthony ever contemplated making an early decision or has it always been that he was going to take a more patient approach to the process?

Ralph Arnett:  "He's a patient person.  I'm not, he is.  We're totally opposite on that so we kind of clash when we talk about that.  The thing about him is that I can honestly say that he is truly unsure.  Like he does not know.  He's not doing it for attention or anything like that, because honestly I think he could care less to be all up on the websites, talking to the media guys.  I really think that he could do without.  I truly get the vibe that he is just so unsure.  But he's so unsure because there are a lot of schools.  Like I told him, he's already broken it down to about eight.  He has like eight schools and he's trying to break it down to six right now.  He's trying to debate over two schools right now.  He wants to go ahead and kick out of there so he can start taking things more serious.  You can only go to one school at the end of the day.  He's trying his hardest to break it down."

Sam Webb:  When do you think he is going to break it down to six and then ultimately when do you think he is going to make a decision?

Ralph Arnett:  "I think he'll break it down to six or seven schools.  I'm thinking six that's the number I think he'll have it down by somewhere in the summertime.  I'm thinking that a decision could come….if he's feeling right in his heart, a decision could come during the season.  If not during the season then before signing day, I hope it does not drag out that long.  There is probably a 30% chance of it happening before his season starts, but I'm just hoping that it happens during the season -- get it over with.  I ain't a big fan of dragging it out.  I'm good on that.  We need to get this over with it so we can focus on what you're trying to do at the next level, focus on the program, learn you're plays, all that mess.  I ain't a fan of dragging it out.  I ain't a fan of de-committing either so that's why I want him to take his time."

Sam Webb:  You said something to me earlier about him texting Devin (Gardner).  Are he and Devin really that cool?

Ralph Arnett:  "Yeah they're cool, oh yeah.  He texted Devin about two to three days ago, they cool.  He likes Devin a lot though.  He thinks the world of Devin.  He thinks Devin is just as good as Terrelle Pryor was coming out of high school.  He thinks that highly of Devin.  He thinks that Devin is the truth."

Sam Webb:  So do you guys know of any spring practices that you'll be going to?

Ralph Arnett:  "I think we going to Notre Dame.  I know he's going to give Notre Dame a very, very strong look."

Sam Webb:  Has he started working out with Stan Edwards yet?

Ralph Arnett:  "Nope, he hasn't started yet, but I think he will pretty soon.  He's been working out with Lamar though.  He worked out with Lamar (Woodley) yesterday."

Sam Webb:  What does Lamar say about Michigan?

Ralph Arnett:  "He said Michigan is a great school.  Lamar is my boy and he ain't going to tell him to do this or do that though."

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