Top Two Emerges for Williams

Michigan's annual "Night of Champions" was a hit with Holland (OH) Springfield DL Kevin Williams. The unique experience appears to have strengthened the Wolverines' position on his list. He recapped the event with GoBlueWolverine, laid out his visit plans, his decision timetable, and explained why two programs currently stand apart from the rest.

Holland (OH) Springfield DL Kevin Williams had already seen a great deal of what Michigan had to offer on his prior junior day visit to Ann Arbor.  During his second visit for the annual "Night of Champions" competition, he learned that there was still a great deal more.

"I had already seen the tour so I got there as they were finishing (the tour) up," Williams said.  "I just finished up with them.  Then we went over to The Big House, ate, and then went back to the athletic facility and watched the Night of Champions.  I liked it.  I thought it was really fun.  It kind of showed the fun side of the coaches.  It showed that they have good personalities and that they could relate to the kids and have fun."

Williams had gotten one-on-one time with the coaches on his prior visit, but that was mostly spent addressing how he'd fit in academically and athletically.  This time he got a much better feel for how he would relate to the coaches socially.

"I spoke with Coach Rod a little bit when I first got there and then again at the end," he recalled.  "I spoke to a lot of the other coaches when we were eating.  They were sitting at our table.  We had the linebackers coach, the safeties coach, and (the recruiting coordinator) Chris Singletary. Actually Coach Tall, I was with him the majority of the time.  I spent a lot of time talking to him, and me and him are going to keep in contact."

"(The interaction) was more ‘getting to know you' this time.  Last time, they kind of explained to me where I would play and how I would play and so now it is kind of more onto the get to know you type thing."

Accompanied by his parents, grandmother, and a friend during his last trip to Ann Arbor, Williams decided to share this latest experience with two others that are close to him; his grandfather and his little brother.

"(Grandpa) loved it," Williams stated.  "He liked it a lot.  He hasn't really gotten a chance to experience a lot of visits that I've went on.  He did get a chance to go down to Ohio State with us and he was kind of comparing it to Ohio State's visit.  He said Michigan blew them out of the water.  He said it was much cleaner.  It just seemed that the people like made the place.  He said at Ohio State, the people did not make it.  So he really liked it, and my little brother just loves it down there.  He loves all the attention and everything.  So my little brother really liked it to."

Now buttressed by the positive reflections of Williams' entire family, Michigan's standing in the youngster's recruitment is at an all time high.  That said, they are not alone on that perch.

"I'd say Michigan and Nebraska are at the top right now – at the very top," the Buckeye State star admitted.  "But all the schools are still kind of in the mix.  I'm really not sure who would be number one or anything like that.  Michigan and Nebraska are definitely at the top."

"At Nebraska, I've just seen where I fit in and that just sets it apart," Williams continued.  "I could just see myself fitting in their defensive scheme just from watching previous games that they have.  Just from last year, I could see myself fitting in with that defense on the line.  I also can relate to the coaches really well.  I have normal conversations about my day like I have with my family.  I feel the same way about Michigan as well.  I feel like they're down to earth and I'd get taken care of there.  Not saying I need somebody to be there 24/7 to take care me because I feel I'm very independent.  As far as Michigan's academics, I already know it is U of M.  They've got a tremendous amount of alumni.  Don't they have the largest living alumni or something like that?  I just feel like I would fit in, in both those programs."

The next four to six weeks will likely tell the tale in the Springfield standout's recruitment. Still determined to make a spring decision, he plans on taking a visits to a few still unseen destinations before settling on a final choice.

"Next weekend I'm going to Notre Dame and then April will be rolling around after that," he reported.  After Notre Dame my next one will be Nebraska on the 17th of April.  I'm not sure, but if I do take any others, it'll be to Alabama and Florida.  I could go to some spring practices.  I might make it up for a Michigan State spring practice.  Then I'll wrap it up in May."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Williams in the coming weeks.

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