Michigan a "Top Notch" Experience for Oliver

The family of Sugar Land (TX) Dulles RB Jarrell Oliver had heard a lot about Michigan from Butch and Troy Woolfolk over the years. At last weekend's Night of Champions they finally had the chance to check the Maize & Blue out for themselves. Needless to say, the Wolverine coaching staff put its best foot forward and the effort was well received.

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"I thought (Michigan) was really top notch," said Oliver's father Jarrod. "It seemed like they laid out the red carpet for him.  He had a great time, I know he did.  He even went out with Tate Forcier and it was just a real good time overall."

 "It went very well," concurred the younger Oliver.  "It was great.  I did not expect to see (Martavious Odoms) to win the (Night of Champions) fastest man.  They are very family oriented there.  They made me feel very at home. (Coach Rodriguez) is great.  He's laid back, down to earth, and just a regular guy."

While it's clear that the Night of Champions event provided the entertainment during the visit, the interaction with Rodriguez, running backs coach Fred Jackson, and Tate Forcier provided the substance.

"Hanging out (with Forcier) was great," Oliver said.  "We just hung out and played NCAA Basketball 2010.  We just talked about the school and everything.  They were just telling me about the academic advisor (Shari Acho) and how she helps the players.  They schedule their classes from day to day.  They talked about the spread offense, which I play in already.  They told me how some people think it is hard to transition from I-back to spread when they go to the NFL, but I'm not really worried about the NFL right now.  When it came to playing time they said I was going to have to come in and compete just like anybody else."

All told, Michigan improved its standing on Oliver's list.

"It's up there," he said.

Oregon State and Tulsa are the schools that currently join Michigan on Oliver's offer list, but he believes his tally will grow in the not too distant future.

"Utah, Oklahoma State and Nebraska are on me pretty hard,"  he stated.  "They said they wouldn't talk to me if I did not have a good chance of playing with them and them offering me.  I'll be going to Texas Tech on the 27th. I know I'll be Oregon State also, but I'm not sure when that one is."

The elusive back hopes to schedule visits to his other favorites in the coming weeks as well.  Based on his desired timetable for pledging to a school, the sooner he gets his itinerary lined up the better.

Said Oliver, "I'm going to make my decision a little bit after spring football."

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