Another Massive Massey

One of the headliners of the 2000/01 Michigan recruiting class was DL Pat Massey from Cleveland St. Ignatius. Even then there were whisperings of a younger Massey brother who 'may be as good or better'. Younger-Massey-Mike is now a junior, and the whisperings were true. We talked to Mike and his father.

Mr. Massey: "Mike is so similar to Pat ... Pat is a little bigger, but I go back and forth as far as who I think is the better athlete of our three boys, Pat or Mike. (Note: oldest brother Jim was an offensive lineman at Ohio State, and BTW, the father himself played at Notre Dame.)

The 6-5, 235-lb. Mike Massey is currently considered a top-15 Ohio prospect.

Did Mike have some injury problems last season?

Mr. Massey: "Mike got banged up later in the season this past year ... he got a good hit on the knee in the St. Edwards game. He stopped playing tight end because of that."

Despite being dinged up, as a junior defensive end Massey made 94 tackles and 10 sacks; as a tight end he made 15 receptions for 154 yards and one touchdown.

With Pat on Michigan now, does Mike root for the Wolverines?

Mr. Massey: "Absolutely Mike roots for Michigan; he loves Michigan. But Mike just likes football, so even though Pat's at Michigan, Mike is still thinking about other schools if he is lucky enough to be offered by them. I don't think Notre Dame, we've never heard from them, but we know and like Jim Tressel at Ohio State."

Mike: "Most definitely I root for Michigan, because of Pat."

Has Michigan shown interest in Mike?

Mike: "Yeah, especially after Signing Day. Before that they sent me a few things. Afterward there have been lot more letters, from Coach Sheridan and Coach Loeffer."

Mike's 'dream visits'.

Mike: "Ohio State and Michigan. Other than that ... Boston College and Pitt ... Colorado too."

As far as coming to Michigan for games, practices, camps.

Mr. Massey: "Mike has been to Michigan games, and to spring practices. Mike and his mom and I came up to the OSU and Purdue games -- not with Bryan (Hoyer, St. Ignatius QB who was at the U-M/WIS game), we've been on different schedules. Whenever we went to a game we used Pat's tickets, Mike didn't go as a recruit. Mike will come up for a spring practice again this year, for sure."

Mike: "I'll probably go to a Michigan spring practice, in April after our basketball season is over. I'll definitely go to the Michigan Spring Game."

What about summer camps?

Mike: "Last summer I went to the Ohio State camp. I won't go to a full week camp this summer. If I go to a camp, it'd be of the one day type."

Mike is also on the St. Ignatius basketball team.

Mike: "I'm a power foward on the team. We've made the playoffs, they've just started. I was a starter earlier in the season, then we went to smaller linep."

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