Michigan "By Far Best Visit" For Rock

The Wolverines recently held their annual Night Of Champions event that coincided with one of their many junior days, and one of the top prospects they hosted was a certain defensive end from Columbus (OH) St. Francis DeSales.

Chris Rock was a semi-frequent visitor as a junior to Ann Arbor as he took in two of the Wolverines home games in the 2009 season. Recently, he just took in the Maize and Blue again, this time for a junior day and Michigan's Night of Champions event.

"It was really nice. I went up there and just got to talk to all the coaches, and see all their facilities and the strength room, and meet their strength coach. I got to see the athletic facility place, I don't know what it's called, and I got to tour the campus a little bit, and it was really nice."

Two things the Wolverines had to offer that really stood out to Rock could be two of their strongest selling points.

"I think when I went to the weight room and met the strength coach -- he's so upbeat and he knows so much. You can tell all the players love him too. He just seems like a really cool guy. Also, just the fact that they're one of the top three public schools in the country for academics, that was a plus."

Coming from a private school that does place a great deal on academics, Michigan's prestige in that area definitely caught Rock's attention, as academics sit on the top of his recruiting checklist.

"They're (academics) probably number one. You're not promised the NFL or anything, so academics really are number one."

Rock was able to bring his older brother, Craig, who has grown up a life long Wolverine fan. Though some might push such an advantageous position, the elder Rock took it all in stride.

"He's always loved the place. He didn't try to sway me when we were there, he just went along and let me take in what I wanted to do. Like, I was really impressed with the strength coach, and my brother's been telling me for a while that he's one of the best. We just talked about that, and about academics -- and he said it's a place that if I got hurt or something ... that I should pick a place I wanted to be, whether I was playing football or not."

Rock also got to see the lighter side of things, and see current Wolverines participating in their version of the Olympics, the Night of Champions.

"It was real fun to watch the players interact and have fun and be really competitive. A lot of them are so athletic and so big and so strong."

While Rock has no clear cut favorites at this point, the Michigan visit certainly put the Wolverines in a firm early position for Rock's recruitment.

"I don't have any favorites or anything, because I've only been to Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame, but that visit was by far the best visit I've ever had, and I think it'll be hard for another school to make a visit like that. But everyone's pretty equal, and I just have to compare and see other schools."

In the meantime, he will take his time doing research on other schools that remain on his recruiting list.

"This weekend I'm headed up to Notre Dame for their junior day, and after that I don't really have anything planned. I'm trying to go down and take a couple road trips over the spring and summer, and visit for some spring practices."

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