Full Transcript: Troy Woolfolk at the Mic

Troy Woolfolk talks about his defensive back teammates, and abother playing corner versus safety.

Troy Woolfolk: "We got a lot of young guys, but it won't be a problem because they seem to know what they are doing. The coaches were really taking it step by step this year. As far as the problems we had last year with blown coverages and missed assignments, I think as a whole defense, we're taking on it pretty good."

Question: How will the 3-3-5 help you?

Troy Woolfolk: "Actually this is my first time ever doing this kind of defense, so I'm not really sure. This is new to me as well. I think it will be one of the best defenses for the type of athletes that we have. It fits us well."

Question: How has Cam Gordon looked so far since he moved?

Troy Woolfolk: "He looks good. He has natural ability at it. The coverage that he is playing, he has the right keys on his eyes that he is looking for. So I think he is going to be pretty good."

Question: Has it been an interesting journey for you back and forth between the two positions; how do you feel about playing cornerback?

Troy Woolfolk: "I do not really care which one I play as long as I'm on the field doing some kind of impact. Cornerback is more of I have to fine tune my technique versus just being able to come down and make tackles. I have to get that down a little bit better so I can make an impact on the defense."

Question: How do you see JT Floyd improving?

Troy Woolfolk: "Recently JT has been looking really, really good. Just the other day he had gotten an interception. He seems to actually get the game down better. You can tell in his game play."

Question: Is that one area where Justin Turner still needs to make strides as well?

Troy Woolfolk: "Justin Turner, he's coming along good as well. They're all really young and you can tell that they have some minor flaws, but they are coming along pretty good."

Question: How is Mike Williams adjusting to being closer to the line of scrimmage?

Troy Woolfolk: "I actually just texted him about that recently and he said he loves it and he says that there is less emphasis on the deep ball, which he did not really like. He says that he likes it and hopefully it will show in his game play."

Question: Staying at cornerback now how is that going to help you in that position next year?

Troy Woolfolk: "As long as I'm corner, I've just got to get my technique down. As safety it is being able to be versatile. Being corner is more of a man emphasis and being able to replicate what he does on the other side of the ball. I feel I can just get my footwork down better, I can help out the team."

Question: How did flip flopping positions impact your game last year?

Troy Woolfolk: "It had a little negative effect versus just being able to stay at one position and get game experience at it. Overall, I think it kind of helped me out because coming from corner, knowing what the safety is doing, it allows me to know where my help, which allows me to be more aggressive on the shorter balls. It has about a neutral effect at the end of the day."

Question: Is there one or two of the younger receivers that have stuck out to you?

Troy Woolfolk: "We have a lot of young receivers and they all trying to look pretty good. It is just a matter of getting down the playbook. It is still kind of early. We haven't really implemented that many plays yet, so I'm not too sure; it's too early to tell right now."

Question: Jordan Kovacs kind of came out of no where last year; how is he holding his own this year?

Troy Woolfolk: "He's still looking pretty good. I think the new position that he's in right now fits him best because he's more of a sure tackle versus a cover type DB, so I think he is going to have a good year this year."

Question: With Coach Robinson as the defensive coordinator for the second straight year, is there a familiarity, a comfort level now?

Troy Woolfolk: "There is more of a comfort level of being able to trust him, because when he first came, I did not really know too much about him and I like his way of coaching. I believe in what he says and it can help out the whole defense as a whole."

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