Jones Sees Michigan in New Light

Cleveland (OH) Glenville standout Cardale Jones dropped in on Michigan's spring practice yesterday. The strong-armed dual-threat quarterback came away with a much better appreciation of the Wolverines' program and the people in it. Has the Maize & Blue moved up in his eyes?

Halley's comet is visible from earth every 76 years.  Because of the perceived pipeline to Ohio State over the last decade, many Michigan fans began believing they would see visitors from Cleveland Glenville with Halley's comet-like frequency.  When Glenville offensive lineman Aundrey Walker bucked that trend with a junior day visit last month, it marked the first winter unofficial visit to Ann Arbor by a Tarblooder in years.  That could have still been chalked up as an anomalous occurrence had it not been for another Glenville visitor that made his way to Michigan's spring practice yesterday.  This time it was Tarblooder quarterback Cardale Jones.

"I'm planning on calling (Aundrey Walker) when I get home to let me know how (the visit) went," said Jones.  "He let me know how his went.  He basically said the same thing that I'm saying.  It went real good. My quarterback coach and his son came up with me. Coach Rodriguez and Coach Smith showed me around the campus. I talked to a lot of people while I was there.  I talked to Coach Rodriguez, Coach Smith, the defensive line coach, the running back coach, and the tight end coach… I can't remember everybody's name."

David Brandon was another that took time out to espouse the virtues of the Maize & Blue.

 "I talked to the athletic director," recalled Jones.  "He was just saying how academics were important and how Michigan has a rich tradition of smart quarterbacks."

The experience gave the Glenville star a much different view of the Maize & Blue than one he had when he was offered last month.  One of the most significant changes came in his opinion of how he'd fit in at Michigan.

"We both came to the conclusion it would be an easy transition to Michigan," Jones stated.  "They run the same thing we run (at Glenville)."

Prior to the visit Jones stated a clear preference for a "pro style" offense.  Now that he's had a chance to speak with the coaches in Ann Arbor, he isn't quite so convinced that they're system doesn't fit that description.

"It is really up in the air," Jones said regarding which style of offense he prefers.  "(The Wolverines) do the same thing as NFL teams.  It is hard to put a label on a pro-style offense.  It is hard to define a pro-style offense."

While it's clear that Jones' time in Ann Arbor raised Michigan's profile in his eyes, he is now choosing to back away from revealing his leaderboard.

"It's hard to have a top (school) because Michigan was my only unofficial visit," he explained. "It is still early in the season.  As I take more visits I'll have a top (school)."

Ohio State has long been the assumed favorite for his services, but the Buckeyes appear to still be in the process evaluating him.
"They haven't offered yet," he said.  "They're not really saying nothing new.  Just the same old, same old."

For the time being Jones is content to continue his own evaluation process.  A key part of that will be his future visits.

"We'll probably (visit Michigan State) sometime this summer," he said.  "The rest (of the unofficial visit schedule) is still up in the air right now.  I'm getting ready for the Elite 11 camp right now down in Columbus.  All the visits are on hold right now.  I'm not thinking about when I want to (make a commitment) because there are still places I want to visit and different places that I'm interested in."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Jones in the coming months.

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