Horford tells GBW it's Michigan

Grand Ledge (MI) Jon Horford (6-8, 200) confirmed to GoBlueWolverine's Andre Barthwell via text that he has committed to the University of Michigan.

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Horford's commitment comes on the heels of a memorable visit to Ann Arbor Tuesday.

"When we pulled up in the parking lot Coach Beilein and assistant coach Mike Jackson were there to greet my parents," he told GoBlueWolverine.

That has been a nice touch for the Maize and Blue when meeting with recruits and their families, but this visit was not necessarily for Jon.

"I have been up to Michigan to visit before. This was more so for my parents to have the opportunity to see for the campus and speak with Coach Beilein and the staff."

The day started off with a visit to meet with the new strength and conditioning coach.

"We had a chance to meet with Mike Sanderson first. He is a real cool guy. He showed us the new equipment and weight room -- it is pretty big. I've been to Florida's and it is bigger then that. He then showed me a few tests that he would use to see what we need to work on. That was nice."

After that the Horford's made their way around campus -- and there was one person in the group that really enjoyed the surroundings.

"My parents like the campus but especially my mom. She just loved the buildings and the architecture in Ann Arbor, probably because she is a real estate agent."

What were your thoughts of the campus, Jon?

"I like the campus because everything is right there on campus. I have been to some campuses and it is just too spread out. I like Michigan's campus."

When their tours came to an end, they went to Coach Beilein's office to talk. And Coach Beilein hit Horford with some things he really appreciated.

"Coach Beilein started to talk to me about how I would fit into the program and what a benefit I would be to the team. You know you always hear those things, but it always means a lot when they are said to you. I felt like the coaching staff was real sincere with the things they were telling me."

"I like how much he cares about his players, the way he helps to make every player on the team better regardless if you are getting playing time or not. There is no way you can have any excuses if you're trying to develop your game. The coaches are there to help you and they have the facilities to help you as well.

"I also appreciated him telling me about the type of guys he is recruiting, the type that want to win with. Guys that are happy to be at Michigan. I like to be around guys that have goals."

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