Horford to GBW on Being Blue

Jon Horford made his decision today -- he committed to the University of Michigan. He talks to GBW about how he committed and why.

At 12:00 this afternoon Jon Horford made the call to John Beilein to let him know that he would be a Wolverine.

"I called Coach Beilein at 12:00 to let him know I was committing to Michigan," he told GoBlueWolverine. "He was very excited. He ran me threw a few things, and after that I texted my AAU Coach Norm Oden (of the Mustangs), and then I was off to class. Jon said he doesn't know how information got out about his commitment so fast.

" I couldn't believe it was out so fast I only told three people I told Coach Beilein, Norm Oden and a teacher that I have who graduated from Michigan -- that is it."

There were just a few people he talked to about his college decision: his parents, his brother and one more person.

"I talked to Norm Oden. We have been close ever since my brother Al played for him. I trust him when he talks with me it is always the truth; I just wanted him to know what I was going to do." Jon had an idea where he was going to go. He just needed to think about it a little.

"I felt really good and comfortable after the visit, but I still wanted to analyze things a bit and be sure about what I was going to do."

There were certainly other factors in why he chose Michigan -- largely because of the way he felt about what he had seen while up there.

"Coach Beilein has a close relationship with his guys. You could see how much he cares about players. I can't really put it into words, it is just something that you see with him and the players. Coach Jackson started recruiting me and we built a very good relationship as well."

Jon also had a first hand opportunity to see how he would benefit from Coach Beilein's tutelage with his players.

"Coach Beilein's development of his players was huge for me, because it builds a closer relationship with him. I watched him work out with Darius Morris, and it reminded me of when I am working out with my trainer and how close we are. You have to like that."

The young man out of Grand Ledge has high expectations of himself and what he wants for the program he will be playing for in the fall.

"I want to make the tournament, that is what I want to do. And I need to be an impact for this team and a contributor. I feel like if I am not then it is a waste. I know that might sound tough but I have goals and I expect to meet them at Michigan."

Right now I am 6'9, 220 pounds. Strength is the main thing for me. I want to be 235 when I come to Michigan. I have the work ethic and the heart to get it done, because that is what I want to do."

With the winning attitude that he is bringing, along with his work ethic and heart, it will not be a surprise to see Jon meet his goals.

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