Deshawn Sims Says Team Lacked Chemistry

The graduating Wolverine big man talks about the season, about Manny Harris leaving, and about his own future.

Question: You had time to plan for leaving and what you're going to do once everything is done, but Manny (Harris) is obviously a different situation. Are you going to try and give him some of the information that you've been looking, agents and planning stuff?

DeShawn Sims: "His situation is real complicated because it is sort of like recruiting all over again. The decisions you make can be critical just as far as making a college decision, but I'm going to advise him as much as I can. I think he's listened to me a lot and respect what I say. I'm going to try and advice him the best that I can."

Question: When it comes to agents, you guys going separately with that or are you guys going to try to go with the same guy?

DeShawn Sims: "It's probably a process that me and him will talk about, but whether it is the same guys or different guys, we'll definitely be influential to each other in both decisions."

Question: How much did you counsel him on this decision?

DeShawn Sims: "A lot, a lot, I talked to him about it. I think I was one of the first people that he called as far as talking about it. I talked to him a lot about it. I can't give you all no details though."

Question: It must make you feel good that he trusts you that much?

DeShawn Sims: "He's been around me for four years. You build trust playing sports and just different things like living together. There is just a different type of trust level between me and him; we really trust each other."

Question: How has the discussion that you guys have had in the past couple of weeks different from last season when you guys contemplating?

DeShawn Sims: "We were young, super young and being able to still look forward to playing at Michigan. For me, the big thing prior to making the decision, him being so young was a big thing. That's definitely been kind of the key catalyst…when everybody starts making a decision as far as coming back, they look at the year and the program so that makes it easier. Since I was a junior last year, I knew I was coming back. Since he was a junior he had the same decision that I had to make."

Question: Both of you guys talked about leaving together; did you kind of sense that this would be his decision at some point?

DeShawn Sims: "I definitely know he is not leaving because I'm leaving. Whatever decision that Manny ultimately made to leave it was not based on me leaving, it was some in his control. We always talked about it but when it comes down to it, we always made our separate decisions about what's best for both of us."

Question: Talk about the program going forward and especially this coming year; it is going to be tougher for these guys probably?

DeShawn Sims: "Naw I do not think so. I do not think it is going to be tough at all because I think Coach Beilein finally got…I think the guys got an idea now. Last year, it wasn't the best year but guys got an idea. It's not so much the players as the chemistry. Me and Manny and some of the other guys, we were individual players. If the chemistry is not on, you see with Northern Iowa. You see with Cornell, you see these teams. It's about the chemistry."

Question: Are you saying the chemistry was lacking a little bit this year?

DeShawn Sims: "Our chemistry was lacking. It was based on a lot of individuals doing a lot of individual things. If you have good chemistry as a team your team can prosper, but if you got five all stars it will be hard to win."

Question: Manny says that an extra year would actually help him, but he's just ready for a new challenge, do you think it is a mistake that he leaves here?

DeShawn Sims: "He's been here three years, but he's really been here four years. It's been three years, but it is sort of like he is older than what he is because he had to take on a lot early. It is not so much him being a junior, but experiencing a lot that college had to offer."

Question: What are your own plans going forward; where are you going to be and have you hired an agent yet?

DeShawn Sims: "Naw, I haven't hired an agent. I'm just grinding right now, just trying to put some pieces together to make my game to a whole other level. I'm seeing a lot of changes and you all not going to know who I am once you all see me play again."

Question: Are you going to Portsmouth and things like that?

DeShawn Sims: "Yeah I'm going to Portsmouth and definitely be dominant. You'll all hear about it."

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