Ed Davis Feels the Love at Michigan

Detroit Southeastern LB Ed Davis visited Michigan's spring football practice yesterday. He tells GBW that he had a chance to speak with the coaches, to see the style of defense Michigan plays, and to judge the interest the Wolverines have in him.

Ed Davis received a big surprise yesterday one that caught him off guard.

"Our offensive coordinator, Coach Godfrey, told me that Michigan wanted me to come up for a visit. I just thought I was going to talk to a coach and tour the campus."

Quickly after they arrived on campus the visit took on a new meaning. "Coach didn't tell me we were going to an actual practice," he told GoBlueWolverine. "I was so hyped. I was really excited just to go up there. I felt like they wanted me and that made me feel good."

Davis had been to only one campus, "I visited Iowa for there junior day". Michigan has not had success with recruiting kids from Detroit Southeastern so having him on campus and having the opportunity to get to know him and be on him early is important.

It was something that Ed noticed and appreciated as well.

"This makes a big difference that they took the time to get to know me. That made me feel good. It lets me know that they wanted me from the beginning. I feel like they want me, and I am very interested in them -- a lot."

With practice taking place right before him, a few things started to stick out. As a defensive player he naturally paid attention to the defense.

"I had a chance to watch Obi Ezeh -- man that guy is big! I like the way he plays: he was very patient and had very good technique. The defense -- they are fast and they close on the ball fast. The corners they come up and make hits. I could fit in good with that defense. Iw as standing there thinking that I will be in college playing next season!"

Davis was also impressed with the atmosphere among players and coaches.

"This team, they work as a family. I like their togetherness; they are close as a team. Their coaches are intense and run things up-tempo. That is something I like a lot."

While Davis enjoyed watching the defense primarily, there were a few offensive players that the future college linebacker kept an eye on as well.

"I was impressed with Devin Gardner ... just the way he handles himself as a freshman with the decisions he was making out there. Devin made lots of plays with his arms and legs. And Denard Robinson had a 15 yard run today where he broke number 88's (Craig Roh) ankles with a juke move and he threw the ball good to the receivers. The intensity was so hyped -- when they went to 11 on 11, everyone was getting hit, quarterback included."

If you had to pick a winner, who would you say won the scrimmage?

"I would say the offense," he replied. "they moved the ball pretty well out there."

After watching practice Davis had a chance to speak with three coaches, and he told us what they talked about with him.

Coach Tony Dews, Wide Receiver coach and his lead recruiter: "Coach Dews told me to just be patient. He said they wanted me but it is a process. He told me to stay solid on my academics and to stay in contact with him."

Greg Robinson, defensive coordinator and linebacker coach: "Coach Robinson was very happy to see me up there. Coach Robinson said he has seen my tape and he likes the way I play."

Head Coach Rich Rodriguez: "He is just a cool guy who has a good relationship with his players. He made me feel very welcome, and he told me they are going to try there hardest to get me to Michigan."

Michigan certainly impressed the Detroit Southeastern linebacker. They did a great deal to satisfy one of the primary factors in his decision, and that is a school that will make him feel comfortable.

"Right now I am looking for a school that will do right by me and take care of me. My mom, step dad, uncles and Coach Travis (defensive coordinator) will help me with me decision. If the school feels right, I could commit early. It just depends the feel I have for that school."

The Wolverines have placed themselves in excellent position to be that school.

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