Texas DE Looking for Right Fit 

Spring (TX) Klein Oak DE Nathan Hughes is trying to sort out what is the best school for him. With his options growing by the day, he chatted with GoBlueWolverine about the most significant factors in his choice, the programs currently standing out in his eyes, his decision timetable, and more. Is Michigan a factor?

As recruiting process has unfolded for Spring (TX) Klein Oak DE Nathan Hughes, he has come to appreciate all of the opportunities that are before him, but also dislike the task of eliminating some of them. 

"I am having fun with the recruiting process," Hughes said.  "The good part about it is that my mom will not have to pay for college. The bad part is I have to pick a college to attend and that is tough with so many great schools out there. I am very grateful of having this opportunity. I just want to make sure I choose the right school to attend".

With 24 offers to his credit from programs such as Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, LSU, CAL, Notre Dame and Nebraska, it's easy to see why separating some of his suitors from the pack is so hard.  That said, some the schools have stood out and Michigan is one of them because of a certain connection they have.

"T-Rob (aka Terrence Robinson) went to Klein Oaks in Texas," Hughes said referring to the current Michigan wideout.  "I recently had a chance to see him and he looks great.  We didn't get a chance to talk long, but I know if I came to Michigan I would have someone that I knew up there."

The Michigan assistant in charge of attempting to lure Hughes to Ann Arbor is running backs coach Fred Jackson.

"I talked with Coach Jackson and he told me I could make a big impact at Michigan," the four star end recalled.  "They have been up and down, but they have a lot of tradition Michigan is a school that has always been good.  They will get back there."

The other schools commanding his attention right now are Oklahoma and LSU.  The two southern powers have made a huge push.

"I went to Oklahoma for their Junior Day and I had a real good time talking and visiting with Coach Stoops," Hughes stated.  "I also had the opportunity to so to LSU for their spring game and talked with Coach Miles. I really enjoyed both schools a lot and what they have to offer. Both schools are telling me I can make an impact early".

Hughes is definitive in stating that he has no leaders at this time.  The Tigers and Sooners are and will be big factors in his recruitment, but the race for his services is far from being determined.

"LSU and Oklahoma are both great schools, but those are the only schools that I have had a chance to see in person," he explained.  "I am open to all schools at this time and I do not have a favorite, I am in the process of getting to know as many schools as I can to help me with my decision."

The program that ultimately lands Hughes will have to fit a certain set of criteria.

"The number one factor for me will be that I am surrounded by people I like," he said.  "I want a family atmosphere I need to be taught more than just football having a close relationship with your coaches. The same way I have that with my high school coaches now."

"I am not looking for a team necessarily that has been winning the past two years, but I am focusing on teams with tradition and the fire as well as the passion to win," Hughes continued.  "I want a school that has the desire to be successful because that is what I have. I want to make a decision before my senior year of football so that I can concentrate on our season".  

One thing that will not be a factor is proximity to home.

"My mom, family, and friends are going to support me where ever I go," Hughes stated.  "I have lived in Alaska and South Korea so distance will not be a factor for me when choosing a college to attend."

 GoBlueWolverine will have more on Hughes in the coming months.

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