Full Transcript: DC Calvin Magee

Full Transcript of Coach Magee's Q&A with the press before practice today.

QUESTION: Talk about your quarterback competition so far?

Calvin Magee: It's been fun to watch, you know, the two of the returning guys, it's been fun to see them run with the ones and mix it up. You can see the experience is coming a little bit, and working on their fundamentals and their mechanics and everything and it's been a fun competition to watch and having Devin here right now is really good also because he's a competitive guy, very competitive. He wants to compete with them right away, so it's not like he's sitting back waiting. He's not saying we've got two guys here already so I'll just wait my turn, he's trying to get right in there. It's been fun to watch that.

QUESTION: How have things been different in the last two years in the competition?

Calvin Magee: For the first time it's returning guys, guys who have been in the system for a year and coming back and understanding the offense a bit more and being able to progress. That way of mentally knowing what we expect and getting in more parts of the offense, so that's been different because of those guys returning and Devin's been watching it close by for a while so you feel like he's been around also. But the competition at all the positions are heating up, it really is, so the next five practices it's going to be fun to see who kind of keeps emerging. And that's across the board at all of the positions and I'll talk about each position individually here in a minute.

In the offensive line, the o-line having those three red-shirt kids come off their red-shirt and wanting to get in the mix and wanting to play, that's been fun to watch. Having Molk out this spring have really given us a chance to get some other centers out there and build the depth even more, so that's been fun to watch.

Tight ends, that's been really good to watch. I can't tell you right now who's been the better one because both of them are playing very, very well right now. So it's going to be fun to watch the tight ends get after it the rest of this spring and into fall camp.

Outside, you know, has given us the ability to move some guys around and a couple guys out from being the outside guy, but we had a number of slot receivers we recruited years ago to be able to both, so that's been good to see them move out there and do some good things. Having Terrance Robinson; he's really playing well this spring, I mean really playing well, and also having Gallon off his red-shirt year, so we have a number of guys that we feel very comfortable about.

And then the running back competition is heating up so that's fun to watch, but we have competition at every position and to have fun competing, that's a good thing.

QUESTION: Ideally with Devin, what would you like to see out of him? Would you like to see him be able to watch for a year and kind of be able to take everything in?

Calvin Magee: I would like to see him keep competing and compete through the rest of this spring and then have his summer with the strength and conditioning staff and coming into camp competing for a job, that's what I'd like to see. That's going to make it interesting.

QUESTION: How do you think Tate played last year as a true freshman?

Calvin Magee: Like a freshman. He played just like a freshman. He had a lot of stuff going at him every week, a lot of different looks, a lot of different coverage's. It's a progression of teaching kids those coverage's. I thought he played competitive, so that was a good thing, but now he gets time to settle down and really understand more structure of the offense and that's what he's doing this spring which is a lot better, so. But he did play like a freshman.

QUESTION: Did he regress or did Denard catch up to him, or why are those two splitting the snaps?

Calvin Magee: Because that's the way you compete, to be quite obvious. We don't have any true starters right now, so the way you compete is, at every position, guys in with the ones, guys in with the twos, and you keep working at it every day and that's what makes a competition. It's not about regression, it's not about catching up, it's just about the guys competing for it.

QUESTION: The last year Denard did a lot with the zone option, was that his comfort with the offense and is that something you'll look at this year?

Calvin Magee: No, Denard is learning the entire offense, so he's going to run everything we have in the offense. It wasn't a plan last year with what happened with Denard, that just may have been how it happened.

QUESTION: Do you sense Denard has a much better comfort level with the offense this year?

Calvin Magee: Well of course. Any kid that shows up in July and then goes straight into camp and then you go straight into a game 30 days later, I mean after being here a year and after studying film and now having spring practices and meetings and all that stuff, of course you've got to feel a lot more comfortable and that's going to help him.

QUESTION: How much of the offense was learned by the quarterbacks between the years, I mean is there a marked difference?

Calvin Magee: No, not as far as what's installed but as far as what's called. It's just a comfort level with what's being called and those things and I think having a year under your belt with both of them helps that out, and we want them to be able to run the entire offense, which is the direction we're going, so that doesn't take a whole lot. We had a lot of it in last year and to be able to get more repetitions in, that's going to be able to help them with their decision making.

QUESTION: Other than Devin, how have the other six early enrollee's done so far?

Calvin Magee: It's been interesting. We have to keep reminding ourselves that these kids should still be in high school. And they're competing. They really have competed, some of them, and I don't know if it's unfortunate or not, but some of them have had to get a lot of rep's early and not necessarily with the ones but the twos because of some of the injuries outside, the receivers particularly. It's been fun to watch them go through this and the pace of it and the level of physicality behind everything, but it's good because they have not wavered or backed down, so this experience is going to be great, where as most kids get to come in, in January, like we talked about with Devin, they haven't had a chance to do that, so it's going to pay out for them in the end.

QUESTION: Any of those three receivers have a chance to play coming into this fall?

Calvin Magee: I haven't even had a set thought about that yet to be quite honest with you. It's going to be continue and finish these five practices and evaluate it all and that will be done. Camp is going to be interesting for that, because it doesn't end after spring ball. When you have a lot more numbers it makes it a lot more interesting to keep the competition going.

QUESTION: Talk about Michael Cox's spring and what he's done well and what he (indiscernible)?

Calvin Magee: Mike is a powerful guy. Mike is a guy we went into spring saying we got to get him going because he's a very talented guy. Last year I think those guys had the mind set that those seniors were right there, some of these kids get the mindset that it's not my turn. We try to get them to understand it is your turn if you compete for it and get the job. But now he knows, those seniors are gone and we know we need him to get ready to play because he's a big physical, talented young man, he really is. And he's been getting better each day through spring, so that's been exciting to watch.

QUESTION: Do you think you guys are going to spread the ball around more with carries with guys like Shaw and Cox and those guys?

Calvin Magee: You go into a season wishing you could have three or four them ready to go at anytime. It's always good to have multiple backs with different talents that can do different things so you feel you won't lose a beat when you put one in. That's the goal for us right now and that's what we're planning and that's why they're all competing. Vincent Smith is out this spring, but he'll be right back in the mix in camp competing for it. As far as spreading the ball around, we want all of our playmakers to touch the ball.

QUESTION: You talked about the depth at slot, what is it outside of Terrance Robinson and what have you seen from Jeremy Gallon?

Calvin Magee: Terrance Robinson is interesting, you know, because year one it was a competition and he just happened to get injured. And then in year two it was another competition between him and Tae Odoms and he got dinged up again and missed some time and allowed Roy Roundtree to show his stuff so to say. It's just been a matter of he's been healthy and he's stayed healthy. He's what we thought he was when we recruited him and he's a very… he can do a lot of different things, and when he's in there it's fun to watch him stay healthy and compete for it. With Jeremy Gallon, Jeremy is a guy much like Tae and those slots and Terrance and he's a very shifty guy with a lot of ability and you can see him get better as he learns the offense. He's also a multi-position guy, so he's got a lot of ability.

QUESTION: How much is Roy playing on the outside?

Calvin Magee: Roy's been mostly all outside. Because we're so depleted with injuries from the older guys, so with Roy, the whole intention is, Roy started out here as an outside guy. So the whole intention for Roy is to do both, which makes us more flexible with most things.

QUESTION: You mentioned the red-shirt freshman lineman, can you just expand on the battle that's going on there?

Calvin Magee: Yeah, Taylor Lewan and Schofield, we saw the talent last year on scout team and it was going to be fun to watch them compete in our offense and things like that, but for freshman, they're mature but they've got a lot to learn. But they're competitive. It's just been fun to have that competition there with last year the injuries, just to have more people there it's been fun for us. Quinton Washington was doing really well but then he got banged up so it'll be fun when we get him back also.

QUESTION: How about Huyge and Dorrenstein?

Calvin Magee: They've been fine this spring. It's year three for them now, so they really understand what we want and it's going to make that whole position interesting.

QUESTION: Who's playing center for you and how are they doing?

Calvin Magee: Rocko Khoury has been getting a lot of repetitions and he's been getting better and better and better each day. And Elliott Mealer has been playing a bit in there, so it's been fun to watch those guys progress there.

QUESTION: Calvin, do you see this offense as being able to make a large leap in terms of scoring? Are you guys on the verge?

Calvin Magee: I hope so, I mean really. (Laughing)

QUESTION: Well can you start to see the differences between year one and year two?

Calvin Magee: You can start to see it. For as much as a jump we made from year one to year two, we hope to have that same jump from year two to year three. It normally happens that way, so I hope so.

QUESTION: Why is that? Are the quarterbacks more mature too?

Calvin Magee: It's quarterbacks being more mature and in this case it's just returning quarterbacks. And just guys are older and they understand. There were an awful lot of freshman that first year and last year they got a lot better and now they are really going to improve fundamentals and techniques and not thinking as much, but we still have a lot of work to do. It's not just individual pieces, it's the unit playing as one and it's getting there but we still have an awful lot of work to do with that.

QUESTION: Can you talk about the South Florida job and what you learned about yourself in the process?

Calvin Magee: I haven't even thought about it since that day. I played in Tampa. I actually graduated from there. When I played for the Bucs, I went to South Florida in the off-season, and that's probably where the interest came from, and they called me. I lived in Tampa for 15 years, it wasn't like I was out looking. They called me. What I learned about myself, not a whole lot. Not a whole lot. It was a good process to go through, but I'm kind of like, I'm kind of weird about that. I was in between on my feelings. I hate unfinished things. I was excited about the returners we had coming back and I said, man, we're about to do what we're about do here so, I was torn a little bit.

QUESTION: You've been with Rich for so long, are you still in the same place where you're comfortable with all the calls or does that evolve throughout the years?

Calvin Magee: Anytime you're with someone for that long, it always keeps evolving. But we've never had an issue. I've got that question a lot and we've never had an issue, there's trust there.

QUESTION: Is that getting to where you know each other's thoughts, where you know what he likes, etc?

Calvin Magee: Yeah, plus when you game plan the right way, you kind of know going in. You really do. Play callers get a feel for the game and that really helps you, but you kind of know, you've got a list of plays on there what you want to do. Play calling is all about your guys executing anyway, it really is, so it's amazing when someone calls a game and you score a bunch of points and everything looks really good and sometimes you call that same game and kids don't execute, you say you called a bad game. It's a combination of executing plays and play calling anyways. But it's never been an issue.

QUESTION: Do you think how frustrating last year, if you were calling every game you wanted to call and it just wasn't working?

Calvin Magee: Is it frustrating? It's frustrating when you don't execute anytime no matter what you call. You got to execute your plays on offense to be successful, no matter what you call.

QUESTION: Sorry, just one other thing on the head coaching thing. Whenever you do finish business here is that a goal somewhere down the line?

Calvin Magee: I mean it's a goal for most assistants. I don't spend every waking day thinking about being a head coach though. I come to work to do my job so that's, I don't think about it a whole lot, especially when I'm in the middle of something.

QUESTION: How much are you getting the fullback involved, and is Mark Moundros still involved?

Calvin Magee: Oh, Mark's a trader, don't put him in there (laughing). Mark's in the plans at fullback, and he's been that guy for a couple years and it's been fun this spring to have McGogan doing a really good job, and it's good for him to get all of those rep's and it's going to help us in the long run that's he's going to be ready to play. Just getting a lot of guys a lot of experience in practice, that's really going to pay off for them in the end.

QUESTION: What's Fitz Toussaint's got to do to really make a jump to compete with those other two guys?

Calving Magee: Just keep improving every day like he's doing and learning the offense. He's doing a good job of that, he's just got to keep learning the offense.

QUESTION: Can you talk about the competition at tackle, those red-shirt freshman, where are they weight wise where you want them to be?

Calvin Magee: You know, surprisingly, if I remember correctly from checking the last time, they're not very far off. I think Schofield's like 295 or something like that, don't quote me on it. Those guys are bigger than they look because Mike does a good job on how he puts the weight on them. They're powerful right now. It's a good thing they have another summer to keep improving on that, but they're stronger. We don't pay a lot of attention to it right now because they're progressing, but as long as they can move with it, it's really not an issue.

QUESTION: Is he at right tackle, Schofield?

Calvin Magee: Schofield is playing right tackle, Taylor Lewan is playing left tackle.

QUESTION: Have you heard from any NFL teams about guys moving forward like Carlos, Brandon and Mathews?

Calvin Magee: No, not really, very few.

QUESTION: Can you cross the offensive line as a whole? How big of a step do you expect them to make over the year?

Calvin Magee: We're hoping and expecting them to be improved, because again it's year three. It's not necessarily that they're different people, it's just year three. We got some returning guys that have been through it, a lot of games played, a lot of practice time. The more you do something, the better and more comfortable you get with it. I've been very pleased with those guys, very pleased. We're getting some leaders now, Schilling has really become a good leader for us and I think he's been playing at the best this spring, as far as we've been here. It's fun to see all of those guys feel confident about it, you know?

QUESTION: Who are the offensive leaders vocally?

Calvin Magee: The seniors are really starting to step up, those guys that have been here for three years. Schilling, like I said, and even Martell Webb is starting to be a little more vocal. I think these guys, being in the system for three years, have really said that they're taking ownership a little bit.

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