Clev. St. Ignatius QB Brian Hoyer

Yours truly got an email from the father of Clev. St. Ignatius quarterback Brian Hoyer, inviting me to call him. So I called and we had a good chat. Here are a few pertinent quotes from the conversation. (PHOTOS ADDED)

I saw Brian at the Wisconsin game this fall ...

"We went to the Washington game, and the Wisconsin game last fall. St. Ignatius got knocked out of playoffs last season, so we had the time to go to the game."

Then he was at the Ohio State basketball game ...

"We were up there ... we were invited for junior day Saturday morning -- two of them actually, one for baseball and another for football. We met (Michigan baseball) coach Maloney. Brian throws in the low 90's."

What is Brian's interest in baseball?

"Brian was the winning pitcher in state champtionship game last spring. Will Brian play baseball in college -- I don't know how to answer that really. It's of interest, but football is exiting to Brian. We'll see how it plays out."

"One of the big things is that Brian has to get bigger, to put on some weight (note: he is 6-5, 190 lbs.). He had a pretty good season last year, it was his first year as a starter (note: he threw for 1,922 yards). But they didn't achieve the state championship game. Last year was a learning process."

Has Brian been a Michigan camper?

"Brian went to the Michigan camp last year; he was there the whole week. Then he went to the Miami (Fla.) camp. He'll go up to Michigan again this year, at least for a day or so."

What does Brian's Michigan recruitment look like?

"He's not been offered a scholarship, but they seem very interested. And I think Brian is very interested in Michigan. Ohio State is also of interest to him. He's looking at the Big Ten, plus Boston College, Pitt, and Colorado. But we clearly have been impressed with Michigan."

"It's an exciting time for us. Brian has grasped what the quarterback situation is in college. Anyone promising that a quarterback can come in and start as a freshman ... I'm from Missouri (the 'Show Me State') ... we know that the transition is huge. Plus, education is the most important thing ... we want to match a good education with a good football situation. The fact that Michigan has been very interested in us has impressed us."

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