Wolverines at the NFL Combine

Independent NFL scout Justin Van Fulpen was at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis last weekend. He reports to us on the performance by the U-M players in attendance: Victor Hobson, B.J. Askew, Benny Joppru, Ronald Bellamy, Charles Drake and Cato June.

As a group, I'd have to say the Michigan contingent's performance wasn't that impressive at the Combine in Indianapolis. No one put up the kind of impressive numbers which would help their draft status.

Player by player:

Victor Hobson. He might have to move inside and play the middle in the NFL. He measured just over six feet tall and weighed in at 252 lbs; his 40 times were less than impressive at 4.81 and 4.89.

B.J. Askew. He didn't do any of the drills -- he is waiting until the U-M "Pro Day" on March 18 at Michigan Stadium (a little-publicized annual affair at the Big House).

Benny Joppru. He didn't run because of problems with an infected big toe. He should run at the U-M Pro Day. Joppru's weight is up to 272 because he can't run. Also, he did a so-so nineteen bench press reps of 225 lbs.

Ronald Bellamy. He was the most impressive of the Wolverines. Measured 6-0 and 208 lbs., and ran a 4.55 and a 4.60 40.

- Charles Drake. He measured 6-1, 205 lbs., and did 20 reps of 225; but he didn't run the 40 and will do that at the U-M Pro Day.

Cato June. He measured 6-0, 218 lbs. He only ran the 40 once because he was injured the second time. His first time was 4.64, not too impressive, but will have a chance to improve March 18 at the U-M Pro Day. He was impressive though with a 35-inch vertical jump.

All six of these prospects are going to have to impress the NFL scouts come March 18. Hobson was the most disappointing because many people thought he would have ran at least a 4.72 40. He will have a chance to improve his 40 time, but many NFL scouts were disappointed.

One NFC North scout I talked to told me about the Michigan prospects.

"I thought these six guys would have been more impressive in their work outs. I understand some were not 100%. We were coming in here with our eye on a few of these guys; now when we get back home we are going to redo our draft board -- and these guys didn't move up and some might get moved down."

Hopefully all six Wolverines can but up some impressive work-out numbers at Michigan's Pro Day to help their draft status.

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