Marshall Planning Big House Visit

Michigan has been making a strong play for Dinwiddie (VA) defensive lineman Corey Marshall, but have those efforts enabled the Maize & Blue to move up his list?

Sam Webb:  The last time we spoke, you were down in San Antonio at the Army All American Combine.  How have things gone since then?

Corey Marshall:  "Things have been going pretty good since then.  I like the showing that I had down there so I was definitely proud about that.  Chris Hall coming with me too.  I've been taking some visits to UVA, Virginia Tech.  I'm trying to get out to Michigan May the 22nd, I think Coach Mills said he had got something set up.  I'm not 100% on that but I am definitely trying to come out there."

Sam Webb:  This is the date of the "BBQ at The Big House," right?

Corey Marshall:  "Yes that is.  That is definitely date that they are all having it."

Sam Webb:  Tell me about when Michigan started showing interest?

Corey Marshall:  "It was actually pretty sudden.  I had gotten some letters in the mail, but they send that to a lot of people, a lot of places.  I got the interest from them, just out of the blue later and the offer came sort of speak.  I haven't got a chance to evaluate them, but I said that I would be open to looking at them and definitely seeing if they offered me a good situation where I could come in and fit in.  Get in their weight room and get bigger, stronger, faster, all that good stuff.  I definitely want to see what their program is about."

Sam Webb:  For folks that haven't seen you play, sort of describe your game a bit.  Give us a little scouting report on Corey Marshall.

Corey Marshall:  "Without being too cocky or overconfident or anything like that.  I have a great first step, a great burst.  I'm an equal opportunity rusher/run defender.  It is just as much fundamentally sound speaking in the run game against those 300 pound guys, as I can give you off the edge making a move, giving you some versatility in that aspect.  I can be utilized in a lot of different ways.  I feel like I can hold up very well in a 4-3.  I can do some things standing up, outside linebacker in the 3-4, something like that.  I could contribute to a team.  I offer Michigan a hard worker, a gym rat.  Those are the sort of things that I bring to a program.  I'm hoping that the coaching staff there, if that is the place that I select to go for the next four or five years can just keep that process going."

Sam Webb:  What is your height, weight and 40 time officially?

Corey Marshall:  "My height the last time I got all that stuff done was 6'1", 245, and my 40 time was a 4.9."

Sam Webb:  When you look at yourself at the next level, are you a defensive end, are you an outside linebacker… do you have a preference for where you line up?

Corey Marshall:  "I definitely think I would best serve a team as a defensive end or defensive line in general.  The teams that I've talked to the UVA, Virginia Tech, they've all said that they would prefer me at defensive end.  So that is definitely where I would prefer to be, but if I see an opportunity somewhere that complements what I do with my game then I would definitely be open to that."

Sam Webb:  So now real talk, you spoken a lot about UVA and Virginia Tech.  Is it a case for you that distance from home is going to be a factor in your decision?

Corey Marshall:  "Proximity to home… I'm not even going to play around with that... that is an important factor in this process.  My mother has not missed but two games.  I think that is a big factor for her to be able to come out there and not have to go too far out of the way, but that's not going to unlevel the playing field so of speak or my decision making process in any way."

Sam Webb:  What will be some of the other factors in that choice?

Corey Marshall:  "I heard something real wise from the UVA player.  They said do not pick coaching staff because those things tend to change maybe even year to year.  Pick a school that you can get the right education, academically that is definitely going to be a big deal.  Make sure you go to a program that complements your skills and a place where you can play.  These are all the things that I'm going to consider.  The fan bases at each of these are just ridiculous.  They all have great things that set them apart.  I just want to sift through all that and make the right choice."

Sam Webb:  What about a timeline? Do you have a timeline for when you want to make your decision?

Corey Marshall:  "I think in the fall after I can take some official visits; maybe to Michigan and definitely West Virginia, stuff like that.  I just want to get a better bond with these teams, make the right choice, not go into any place cold and make a bad decision.  I want to have my feet on solid ground when I step onto a college campus."

Sam Webb:  Do you have a list of favorites at this point?

Corey Marshall:  "Without even Michigan pressuring me just wanting to come to their school, just from their history, their pedigree I see that as a very good school that can utilize me to the best of my abilities.  So Michigan, West Virginia, UVA (Virginia) and Virginia Tech right now.  Tennessee, I love them and they are a great school, but I do not know how to phrase it to put it the best way after the coaching staff left.  There were some things that kind of turned me off.  I'm definitely still evaluating them, but these four are kind of…"

Sam Webb:  Sticking out for you?

Corey Marshall:  "Yes sir."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Corey Marshall in the coming weeks.

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