The latest on Dion Harris

In a recent conversation with Prep Spotlight's Vince Baldwin, he answered a number of questions about Dion Harris. He addressed everything from the McDonalds All American game to his latest in-state rankings. Click for more.

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Here are the significant portions of our recent Q&A:

I see that you now have Brandon Cotton ranked #1 in the state over Dion. What was the reason for the change?

I still think that Dion is going to win Mr. Basketball, but Brandon Cotton has had the best season of anyone in the state of Michigan.


Can you enlighten me as to why Dion didn't make the McDonalds All American game?

A couple of reasons. He played the position that was probably the most competitive in the country in terms of talent. Point guard, not to say Brandon isn't that good, wasn't as competitive. There were clearly four point guards who stood head and shoulders above the rest. Brandon was one of those four. There were about eight wing guards that were all about the same and there's a little east coast bias. There will always be more east coast kids than Midwest in that game.

There have been rumors that Dion is going to have eligibility problems. I've done a little digging and found that he was qualified at last check, and that the rumors trouble were overstated. He has a good test score from the reports I've gotten. If he indeed has a problem, it would have to be a grade thing. However, with four months left…you'd think he'd be able to overcome such an obstacle. What have you heard?

Someone keeps putting that rumor out there. As far as I know, Dion is already qualified. He may have gotten a bad grade in a class or something, but I don't think in any way shape or form that it's going to jeopardize his eligibility.

Dion with the crossover

There has been speculation lately that Michigan may not get a point guard in next year's class. If that's the case, who of the newcomers would be best suited to spell Danny Horton?

If Michigan doesn't get a point guard in next year's class, Dion Harris WILL BE the backup point guard!

My only real concern with Dion is his ability to go to his left. Is that valid?

Your concern is well placed. He doesn't go to his left extremely well. He doesn't attack that side with the same ferocity as he does his right. But, he's gotten much better at that. My partner always says that when Dion learns to go to his left, he'll be unstoppable!

For those miffed by Dion's omission from the McDonalds game,..don't fret. We've heard recently that both Dion and Courtney Simms will be named to the Capital Classic roster. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for an announcement.

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