Jr. U-M Target: Oh. QB Brian Hoyer

Yours truly talked last night (Thursday) to Cleveland St. Ignatius quarterback Brian Hoyer.

Quarterback Brian Hoyer (6-3 1/2, 200 lbs.) from Cleveland, Oh., St. Ignatius got home from baseball rather late last night, but was gracious about taking my call.

What does your spring look like, Brian?

"I'll mostly be playing baseball; we play the toughest schedule in the state. We travel to Columbus and to Cincinnati. But I'm definitely going to Michigan and Ohio State spring practices. I got the form for the Nike Camps; I'll be coming back from Cincinnati, so I'll probably go to the PSU Nike Camp on Sunday."

You were at the Michigan Camp last summer?

"I was there for the whole week last summer. I'll go back this summer for a day or two. My younger brother will go for the full week, and I'll probable attend either when we drop him off or pick him up. My brother is a freshman; he's a defensive end, he's 6-3 already."

You've been to quite a few Michigan games ... have you been to U-M the most?

"I went to Michigan last fall for the Washington and Wisconsin games, and to the Ohio State (basketball) game Junior Day. I've been to Michigan and Ohio State games the most -- I went to two OSU football games last fall."

What schools do you hope to get offers from -- what would be your 'Dream Offers'?

"I don't have any offers yet. But I definitely would like offers from Ohio State and Michigan. I've grown up watching both of them. I like one just as much as the other. Other than those two ... I'd say Pitt ... and Miami or Florida because of way they throw the ball down there (note: Brian attended the Miami camp last summer)."

What is Michigan saying to you as far as recruiting goes?

"At their Junior Day Coach Loeffler and I talked. He said Michigan wants to take two quarterbacks this year. And he said he'd like me to come to camp for a day or two this summer."

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a quarterback?

"My strength is my arm, although sometimes it's a disadvantage -- because my arm is strong I throw off back foot too much. My weaknesses: my drops need to be faster and deeper ... and reading defenses -- last year was my first year as varsity quarterback so early in the season I was pretty much feeling my way."

Do you and Mike Massey talk?

"Every now and then we've talked about colleges. But not as much lately ... he's playing basketball and I'm playing baseball."

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