Something Quick in the Ottawa County Water ?

Brennan Beyer committed to the Wolverines after attending practice this past Thursday. What was it that made him pull the commitment-trigger at this time?

Plymouth Michigan OLB Brennen Beyer had received a Michigan scholarship offer early, whereupon the 6-foot-4, 215 pounder attended two Michigan basketball games at the invitation of the U-M coaches, and he visited for two Michigan junior days (Feb. 20, and the March 13 Night of Champions, plus he visited Barwis on Feb. 24) as well as spring practices on March 25th and 27th.

Beyer had grown up rooting for the Wolverines, but a recent Notre Dame Junior Day visit started to worry U-M fans.

Then suddenly, this past Thursday, Beyer visited for Michigan's final pre-spring-game practice - and committed to the Wolverines.

So what did it for him, what made him decide it was time to commit?

"Michigan is the school Ive liked," he told GoBlueWolverine after the Spring Game Saturday afternoon. "But I had to take enough time to get some questions answered."

What were those questions? One was, "Did they see me as an every down player, not just a situational guy." The answer he got to that was affirmative: "They see me in Craig Roh's "Quick" position. "

His next question? "I had questions about the NCAA allegations, and those were answered by Coach Rod. In fact he answered that right away as soon as we sat down, before I even asked."

Word is that U-M's new Athletic Director David Brandon helped ease the mind of the Brennan and his parents as well.

And his final question: "I wanted to know if Coach Robinson planned to stay here. And I had that answered positively as well."

And so Beyer is coming to Michigan. And the fact that he hopes to follow in the footsteps of Wolverine "Quick" OLB Craig Roh ... well, in a way it's fitting. Craig's dad hails from the Grand Rapids area in Southwest Michigan and his uncle is still a school principal in Hudsonville in Ottawa County, on the Lake Michigan coast. And Beyer's dad hails from Holland Michigan, also in Ottawa County.

If there's something in the water in "Dutch Country" in Southwest Michigan that grows these "Hybrid Quicks" ... then let's hope the Wolverines keep tapping that source.

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