D-Rob, Roundtree, Obi talk about the spring

Denard Robinson, Roy Roundtree and Obi Ezeh talk about the spring game, the whole spring, and what's next.

Denard Robinson

Question: Tell me about your spring game?

Denard Robinson: "It went as planned I guess, as I wanted it to go. I grew a lot the whole spring practice and everything. The spring game I did pretty good I think."

Question: Was it fun to be in front of the fans again?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah it was fun. It was exciting to be in front of the fans again."

Question: Tell me about the 97 yard touchdown.

Denard Robinson: "I was just waiting for Tree (Roy Roundtree) to get open. Once I saw him cross his face I threw the ball and I knew he was going to catch it."

Question: What are you going to do from now until August?

Denard Robinson: "Keep working hard. I guess I got to keep going for it. You always got time for improvement that's what I say, you always got time for improvement."


Roy Roundtree

Question: Tell me about your spring game?

Roy Roundtree: "Man I just remember how well I did last year and then come out this year and do what I did today was really like motivation to me to keep going."

Question: What about that 97 yard touchdown catch and run?

Roy Roundtree: "I just got up on Vladimir's (Emilien) toes and once I cross-faced him, I just told Denard (Robinson) just chuck it and he just launched it to me. I was running. I was like I can't get caught this time."

Question: Yeah did you hear them behind you?

Roy Roundtree: "I did not hear anything. I was just zoned out. I was just gone and I scored."

Question: You did kind of a "Lambeau Leap" there in the stands when did you plan that?

Roy Roundtree: "Yesterday. I always said I'm going to be the first one to do it here in the Big House. When I scored I just jumped into the stands. I kind of scarred my arm up but that is okay."

Question: How was it being in front of those fans? You had a lot of people turn out today on a cold day just for spring practice.

Roy Roundtree: "It was wonderful. That's why I'm here. Blue Nation always support Michigan football and that's a wonderful thing for us to come out and see all the people come to the game, even though it was cold and it was a scrimmage. That's always good." <

Question: What do from now until August?

Roy Roundtree: "Work. Still got to put in work. You can't slack down all of us as a team. You just got to put in work."


Obi Ezeh

Question: Obi how was your spring overall?

Obi Ezeh: "That's up to the coaches. I just try to go out and play with intensity and play with passion every day and hopefully that translates."

Question: Is it fun to be back in front of the crowd today?

Obi Ezeh: "Yeah it was. It was a little bit nippy out at first but once you got the blood flowing it was almost like a game type scenario. It felt good."

Question: Who are some of the guys who made some of the biggest steps from this spring from last year on the defense?

Obi Ezeh: "We got a lot of guys in the secondary who are playing really good football right now. J.T. Floyd, Troy Woolfolk, Jordan Kovacs, all those guys doing a real good job. Even the guys up front, sometimes we are playing with one less guy and those guys are really digging deep and hitting guys."

Question: How does it feel not to be able to hit the quarterback out there today?

Obi Ezeh: "It was tough. Especially when it is Denard out there and you spent the whole 15 practices chasing after him and if you get that chance, you have to pull up. That's what I mean it is just a safety issue. We want to keep those guys healthy."

Question: What do you from now until August?

Obi Ezeh: "Go back to work. Just go back to work, we train, run, weight room, film, same thing we've been doing just less organized."

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