Michigan Meets Hart's Expectations (Part 1)

In part one of GoBlueWolverine's feature on Demetrius Hart's visit to Michigan, the youngster's mother shares her thoughts on the Maize & Blue, the NCAA allegations against Michigan, how the Wolverines stack up to the other suitors in his top three, and more. (Part 1 of 3).

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***Note: This interview took place prior to a Sunday meeting with the Michigan coaching staff.

Sam Webb:  Tell me what your impressions of Michigan are so far.

Laquinta Hart:  "Honestly, I would say everyone was really very genuine.  I felt really comfortable and that's the main thing.  You have to feel comfortable where you're at.  You do not want to feel like you are walking on pins and needles, or someone just putting on a show, or being fake.  We're genuine people and I want my child up around people that are going to be genuine because of the distances and because basically we are putting his future in their hands."

Sam Webb:  One of the things Dee said you guys had concerns about going into the visit was the staff's job security.  Has that been addressed yet?

Laquinta Hart:  "No not yet.  I'm going to be meeting…I wanted to talk to Coach Rich.  I'm meeting with him today to go over some things in more detail and more depth.  My husband and I, we're going to come back in a month (for the Barbecue at the Big House), so that he can come also and get his take on everything."

Sam Webb:  So based on what you've seen thus far, how comfortable would you be if Dee said he wanted to go to Michigan?

Laquinta Hart:  "I would be very comfortable, honestly.  Me and (Ricardo's mom) are friends,  Demetrius and Ricardo are very close and I know he would have that motherly figure, and I know I have eyes here to be supportive for him.  The coaches, I know they are more than just coaches.  They are like role models, father figures to a lot of the boys.  They take up time with them not just on the field but off the field and they check on them and they schooling because I' proud of him being good in sports but at the end of the day – education.  We put education first and that was one of my main things, having that education.  Also would will he be able to fulfill his element with the type of position he plays.  I do not want him to be thrown into anything.  You will excel more if you are playing in your element."

Sam Webb:  You said at the end of the day… well at the end of the day I know a lot of mommas do not like their babies to go far away from home.

Laquinta Hart:  "I hate flying (laughter).  I hate it with a passion.  If this is where God has him then that is where he will be.  I really do feel confident about this school.  I'm glad we did come because it really did answer a lot of questions.  Hopefully in the next month we'll have his decision."

Sam Webb:  What are the remaining questions that you have about Michigan?

Laquinta Hart:  "The future of the team and the coaching staff.  I'd just hate for something to be up in the air.  I do not have an issue with (the NCAA allegations) because nobody is perfect, people make mistakes and you just live and grow from them.  Now if you just continue to do the same things that's another story.  I feel like they are all good people and I just think that they just got the bad end of a bad situation honestly.  I'm not judging the coaches or whatever they did.  You just learn and grow from stuff and just have to change it up."

Sam Webb:  You mean learn the allegations that they went over practice eight hours for the year?

Laquinta Hart:  "Yeah, and I think (that allegation) is just petty.  I wouldn't base my decision from going here off of that."

Sam Webb:  What are the other schools; what is it Auburn and Alabama?

Laquinta Hart:  "Alabama and Auburn, I know he likes those two a lot."

Sam Webb:  What do you think of those two?

Laquinta Hart:  "Auburn, I haven't been there.  I haven't went.  We're very Christian, my husband and I, and we are spiritual people.  To me you have to feel what's right in your spirit, and I just do not feel Auburn at all.  I do not know why, I'm just not feeling it.  Now Alabama, that's a different story. But at the end of the day it's about whoever can fit the puzzle together for my child's needs.  Is he going to be able to play his position?  Is he going to be able to get his useful field for his future as a whole?  That's what we are looking for.  From this visit, I can tell that Michigan they are just meeting everything.  I feel like the pieces of the puzzle are put together here, honestly.  You can excel when you feel comfortable somewhere."

Sam Webb:  What about Hasean Clinton-Dix's decision to go to Alabama? will that have an impact on what Dee does?

Laquinta Hart:  "I know they are very close and they'd like to be together but at the same time he is really close to Ricardo also.  You can't based your decision off of somebody else.  If that is what is best for (Haha) and his future that's good, but if it is not best for Demetrius and his future, then no."

Stay tuned for part two of GoBlueWolverine's feature on Dee Hart in which his mom recaps the Sunday meeting with the Michigan coaching staff.

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